Repeater for Hue

I’ve got a Hue hub integrated with Hubitat. I’ve added a couple of Innr Smart Plugs to my Hue hub, with the hope they will work as repeaters for the Hue.

Does anyone know if the Innr smart plug does in fact work as a Zigbee repeater for a Hue network? Is there anyway for me to tell if my Innr plugs are working as repeaters?

I know Hue bulbs are repeaters, but I don’t need anymore of the bulbs, and I don’t really have a place to put them. That’s why I went with Innr plugs.

The zigbee routing table should tell you what is being repeated and by what.

Unfortunately that link shows the routing tables for the Hubitat hub and not for the Hue hub.

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Oops yes. Should have read it closer. :blush:

I have never read any HUE repeaters being out there before.

As far as I know there is no 'repeater' for the Philips Hue, other then the lights themselves.

Hue bulbs repeat. You shouldn't needn't to specifically add any repeating devices unless you only have remote-type devices (or a long range and can't use a bulb in between) for some reason. Do you have a specific problem you're trying to address?


My Hue bulbs sometimes drop the connection. So I want to place a repeater between the bulbs and my Hue hub. It’s not practical for me to move my Hue hub, and not practical to add another bulb to serve as a repeater.

AFAIK, there are no available repeaters aside from bulbs for the Hue hub as there are no wall warts or switches that support the ZLL Zigbee profile that the Hub hub uses. If someone finds one, I'd be amazed as I was searching for years for one that would support ZLL.

In the end, I ended up throwing a small lamp into my attic with a single white Hue bulb in it to help extend the range.

They did recently release a smart plug that I imagine repeats like other stuff.

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Here is a way to move your hue bridge to anywhere in the house. I have one on all my HE hubs and you can't tell any difference in speed. But it allows you to centralize the hub or bridge. They connect to the modem through WPS.

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Funny as I had JUST seen those about 5 minutes ago. But, I don't think that they will repeat for ZLL hubs as they are not certified for that by ZA:

@corerootedxb I am not really up on the transmission between the bridge and the modem. Not my area. But I don't think the ZLL will play a part in it. Hopefully someone who understands how that part works can chime in. It basically is just a wifi connection to the modem via the air instead of directly plugging in an ethernet cord. I think Mike said once that there isn't a whole lot of difference between ZHA, ZLL and Zigbee 3.0 (which contains both). I think I have it right.

Two different subjects. LOL :smiley:

@gbrown and I were discussing the plugs as repeaters as the OP's question was about Innr smart plugs as repeaters on a Hue hub.

@corerootedxb Oops I got caught up in this part of the OP''s post. I guess I got off track.

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Yeah, I saw that too and that you answered it. That's why I didn't touch it. No worries mate! Hell, how often do we all run off the rails in one thread or another? LMAO!

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I used an inexpensive Tradfri repeater (paired to the Hue bridge using touchlink) and the light at the end of my driveway has been pretty much solid ever since.

Inner do in fact work as repeaters for Hue, I learned after adding two hue bulbs where I didn’t really need them :joy:

Also, thanks for the post @rocketwiz. For some reason I hadn’t thought of using touchlink to join a repeater.

What is Touchlink?

It's a means of pairing Hue compatible devices (but which are not natively supported by Hue) to the bridge. It's part of the 3rd party Hue Essentials app.

How though? They lack the profile commands to repeat for a ZLL mesh. They do have the commands to repeat for ZHA devices when in a ZHA mesh. (Innr device certification docs:

Considering that no one (that I have heard of at least) has been able to join an an XBee to a Hue bridge and see if these devices are actually repeating for the mesh, and the fact that the official certification of the repeaters don't show commands for being able to repeat messages in a ZLL mesh, I honestly don't think they are truly repeating for the Hue bridge.