Remotec ZXT-800 IR Blaster (Z-Wave for AC & AV use cases)

I haven't bothered. I paired it with zwavejs on home assistant and it works pretty well there. I'm tired of trying to work around habitats quirks, bugs and slow adoption of new devices. Moving away from the platform at this point.

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The ZXT-800 does not work with the ZXT-600 driver for me and built-in Hubitat support is still missing. Only using it with the Conexum app on Android for the moment.

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Thanks for the answer. Let's hope a driver will soon be available...

@thebearmay thoughts? Would your 310 driver work?

Have no idea really, but the source code is at so if it doesn't we can play with it.

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Added your driver for the 310 to my hub to try it out with the 800.

Tried comparing your buttons 0-9 to Remotec's manual. I cannot tell what command would be sent through the existing driver buttons, so I am not sure what I should be looking for on my AVR when triggering them manually from the device page.

Could you let me know how to test this properly?

Wish I could tell you, but never had the device to work with just did a quick port of the code for someone. Looks like the code simply acts as a way to push the buttons using HE and depends on the device already being trained.

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I am okay training the ZXT-800 with the manufacturer's app via Bluetooth, so was really just looking for something that can send button presses over Z-Wave with Hubitat.

Thanks for getting back to us.

just checking in to see if anyone managed to make this work with the Hubitat Hub? I have a fireplace I want to control.

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