Remotec ZXT-800 IR Blaster (Z-Wave for AC & AV use cases)

This appears to be a fairly new device (2023 release?). Wondering if the ZXT-800 might be considered for built-in driver development since the now obsolete HE-compatible ZXT-600 already has a similar driver.

The new z-wave chip?? in the ZXT-800 may make this a start from scratch job. Don't know but I would be interested in deploying a HE-compatible IR extender device using a built-in driver.

I'm assuming the existing ZXT-600 driver would be completely incompatible with the ZXT-800. @mike.maxwell, is that a reasonable 50,000 ft assumption?


ZXT-800 (2023) - Air Conditioners & AV uses
ZXT-600 (2017) - Air Conditioners only

I'm wondering if it's using the same command set if the existing driver would work,. @thebearmay ported the zxt-310 driver for me....

IIRC @bcopeland wrote drivers for the remotec IR z-wave devices, it’s possible he’ll be able to add the new one to the compatibility list.

Is it currently available for sale in the US?


Nice. The price is quite high and my major concern is not "if" but when the remotec website goes dark, can this device still learn new codes?
From the description:

  • Up to 3,000 AC IR Codes on the cloud-based IR library
  • Up to 27,000 AV IR Codes on the cloud-based IR library (optional feature to test in this sample and available for orders)

I'm quite happy with my Broadlink RMPro, RM Mini3 and RM Mini 4. All run very fast & local with @tomw Broadlink integration. Even when my Broadlink RMPro decided to cloud lock itself, I was able to unlock it. One of the few times I was able to get my wife to say "wow that's cool" when I used the Broadlink and an Inovelli Red dimmer switch to control the AC in the loft, from the next floor down. Saving her from having to walk up to the loft to turn on the AC. Once it is summer I'll program the Broadlink to turn on the AC to a preset temp, IF people are at home. I think the Broadlink mini costs like 12 bucks.


Cloud based library in their terms means putting in the make and model and they give you the code

I would not be concerned about this, just as I wouldn’t for pretty much any z-wave device (or zigbee for that matter).

If the device carries forward features from prior models, it has a built-in library of codes and can also be taught new codes if you have the original a/c remote.

How often do a/c manufacturers add/change/update the IR codes for their remotes anyway?

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Probably not often. So if I'm understanding, you're saying it will be possible to program new codes, even when the cloud shuts down. That's a plus. However the price point seems steep, especially with the newest devices not utilizing IR for control. Looking at buying an LG OLED, and they mention the remote is using RF instead of IR. Probably ? why Logitech shut down Harmony

I have not looked closely at any documentation for the ZXT-800, but the ZXT-120 (and I’m pretty sure the ZXT-600) have a learning mode for teaching the device your IR codes (much like the broadlink devices). Seems unlikely they would remove that feature from the newest device but I can’t say for certain.

Edit: I have pretty recent LG OLEDs and they still use IR. My fire TV remotes are programmed to turn them on.

I currently have a really nice TLC 4k hdr oled at 80" and am incredibly happy with it. Built in Roku and all controlled via ip and the hubitat Roku integration. If you get a chance, look at them before the LG

Thanks Rick. I was blown away by the price difference ! I wish I could fit 80" but the cabinet can do 75' max. How long have you had the set? Seems TLC is one of the newer brands and at that price point , if I lose the remote I can just buy another TV :slight_smile:

TCL has been around since 81... As far as size.... Here ya go

2022 model on Amazon for 764.00

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Off Topic Alert ! WooHoo more money to spend on some MartinLogan's

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Chinese hype. Enjoy.

One of these just arrived in my mailbox today. It does, in fact, have a learning mode to allow it to clone codes. It also uses the IR receiver to help find existing codes.... point the remote at the thing, push a specific button and it narrows the list of codes down. Not sure how well learning would work if it's an HVAC remote, as those signals are more complicated I guess (my use case is for controlling a mini-split system), but I would imagine it works well enough for AV equipment.

I’m going to have to get me one


Just bought a ZXT-800 and downloaded the manufacturer's app from the Google Play Store. Seems like their "extensive" cloud library only had one set of commands for my Onkyo AVR remote. Did not even bother to ask me for a specific model (like a Logitech Harmony would).

The device seems to only have 40 storage locations for commands (see user manual) and none of them are meant to call up a specific input. Luckily I only use one input so I quickly taught it a new set using the original IR remote with "input" being bound to said "TV/CD".

So the library is not needed when you have the remote available but the app could disappear? Learning mode was not supported for the ZXT-600 through Hubitat if I were to interpret the forum posts correctly.

Does this mean a built-in driver is on the horizon?

Hint: I would like one :grin:

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This thread has been idle for a while. Anybody tried the ZXT-800 with the built-in 600 driver?

@ardichoke, @ZeGhostbear have you been able to use your ZXT-800 with Hubitat?