Remote Windows PC start

Hi how can I automate a remote PC start use case would be e.g.

at 8.00 switch socket a on and then start PC

Any suggestions?

You may be interested in EventGhost, though no longer supported, a somewhat popular option for the kind of things you are interested in, using the "PC Controller" Community developed option for HE.

Are you saying that the PC is plugged into socket A, which the Hubitat controls? You should be able to configure the BIOS of the PC so its default power state is 'on'. With that setting, the PC will turn on whenever power is restored to it.

I may not have read your original post correctly.

If you can control a smart outlet (socket) and are not able to start your PC using this method, then a Wake On LAN (WOL) option may be worth investigating....

Use a magic packet to turn it on? Most PCs can be configured to respond to a magic packet when off, unless it's completely unplugged from power. This app should do the trick: