Remote Admin+Protect bundle is broken, not showing up on hubs correctly

I have reached out to the support@ email address several times in the past couple weeks. Crickets. Is there a different support email address for subscription customers to use? I understand support being overloaded in general, but I'm paying a subscription fee and would like to see someone responding to questions where there are clear problems.

The issue is simple... I want RemoteAdmin+Protect on all my hubs. I have 4 hubs. I started adding it a while back and someone from support popped up and gave me a discount. But now it's not working. I don't see the remote button on the hubs and one of the new hubs won't register/show in my account. I need someone to look at my account, figure out what's going on subscription-wise on the back end and make some fixes.

There was a thread yesterday talking about some issues that were being investigated, I’ll tag @bobbyD on this.

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For what it's worth, I don't need a special coupon code or discount. I'm willing to pay the full bundle fee on all hubs. You have a great product and the remote+protect bundle is reasonably priced. I juts want it to work.

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Support now gets done at as well as here.

When you go into yourhubip and click subscriptions does it open another page for you and say

If not, reboot the hub and then check again.

Yes, it shows that the bundle is active on the hub if I go to the hub > Subscriptions:

However, it doesn't show in the list of registered hubs at

It's not in that list.

Also the one at the end of the list with the red "Add Hub Protect" button should already have it, having purchased it before.

Maybe this is related to my other issue of the hub not showing up in registered hubs or using FindMyHub? This topic:

It all started happening at the same time.

I have rebooted the hubs and network controller several times.

For the one not included, reference this message and PM @bobbyD your hub UID that isn't showing and email so he can check it out.

Done. Thanks for the instructions.

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