Remote Admin Not Working

That worked! Guess I need to bookmark that page. I was going through and then selecting registered hubs. This should be better.

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This link for remote admin portal now redirects to which doesn't allow me remote access. Is there a way around this redirect? I don't have remote access any longer.

May look like, but doesn't have Remote Admin in the header? is redirecting to a different page. I no longer can get to that page to get into remote access.

When I log into it takes me to My Hubitat

Could you please post a screenshot?

This is remote access URL where it asks me to login. As soon as I log in it redirects here:

Thanks. That's what I thought. It doesn't redirect to, is telling you that you no longer have Remote Admin, and if you'd like to use, you'd need to sign up. If your payment was on hold for more than 3 days, that could happen. Please send me a private message along with your hub's MAC address and will further investigate.

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