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Hey folks - I'm diving deeper into the smart home, and I've eyed Hubitat as the unit I want administrating everything I have and will have going forward (currently door locks, lights, thermostat - but have more I want to add on).

I've been reading heavily into this topic, but I'm still feeling very unclear on how remote access could work with Hubitat.

My want:
Day to day smart home use with a parent layer above Hubitat like Google Home or Apple Home - essentially the 'simple home controller' - it wraps up all of the complex rules and settings and integrations so that, on a day to day, I just use a very simple interface to activate or turn on/off different things. I read on how to do this - integrations seem perfect for what I need with Hubitat running the show under the hood.

My ask:
While this seems simple to operate while in my house, I'm unclear how this works remotely - lights, temperature, and door locks would ideally be accessible from something like Google Home or Apple Home on my cell phone.

From what I'm reading, I need to purchase something like an Apple HomePod Mini (and am unclear on Google) to get this to happen (as one example)? I would like to dumb the system down hardware-wise as much as possible besides any complex software operations I place within Hubitat.

Can someone please confirm... I'm off the deep end in information overload on how these systems interact, specifically in a remote nature. I foresee the perfect in-home setup, but am afraid of investing in these systems without knowing what remote access options/limitations I'm facing.

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You will need this if you want to use Apple Home to control your devices when you are away from your home network. Apple HomeKit needs a "Home hub" for control via the cloud. This could be a Homepod Mini, a Homepod, an Apple TV4 or an Apple TV4K.

I don't think Google Home has this requirement, but I don't use it, so take this with a grain of salt.

You could also use the Hubitat mobile app for remote control. That also doesn't need anything beyond your Hubitat hub.

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Thank you for that - that alone was incredibly helpful. I know Apple Home is pretty simplistic, but that's also part of the idea.

I do have some confusion on remote access to Hubitat... is the case that I can access and activate existing functions for free, but I need to pay for access to settings and configuration? Just curious if that route is simpler (if I'm just worried about something like lock/unlock of a door) when remote vs. purchasing an Apple HomePod literally just to get remote access.

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Correct. Either pay for Remote Admin, or setup a simple VPN like Tailscale on some permanently on computer on your home network. This is the route that many users have chosen, although Remote Admin is also a popular add-on product.

Many routers have built-in support for OpenVPN or WireGuard, which are also popular VPN choices.

BTW, Tailscale, Wireguard and OpenVPN are all free.


You're a godsend - I've got many hours of research under my belt now and this was the piece I could not tie together. Thank you so much for clarifying - pulling the trigger on the Hubitat now!


Also, without purchasing a Remote Admin subscription, you can (for free) use a WAN link to a Dashboard that you create so that you (or anyone who has that link) can turn devices on and off, see device status, and, once you get more familiar with the platform, set up virtual switches or virtual buttons to trigger rules from your Dashboard (you can have as many different dashboards as you want).

I’m not a Dashboard person, our house is automated. I only use a Dashboard when I am out of town. There are several alternative ways to do dashboards if you don’t like the standard Hubitat dashboard. I use Smartly, a free, user contributed dashboard that is, in my opinion, quite nice. But, again, I’m not a Dashboard person.

Unless you want to do substantive administration of your hub when you aren’t on your LAN, there’s no reason to purchase a Remote Admin subscription. And, even then, as noted upthread, many people use a VPN when remote to get onto their LAN and administer their hubs.

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