Reliability of "compatible" locks

I have posted about the Schlage locks before and how unreliable they have been only to be told that the firmware is to blame even though they WERE on the compatible devices list (only to be removed later). Now I'm having troubles with a Kwikset 912 lock that IS on the compatible devices list and again being told it's the firmware to blame.

If there's one thing that needs to work reliably in smart home technology it should be anything related to security and in my opinion locks should be #1. It's frustrating to me that I'm being told the Engineering team is still working on a fix and now to find out my Kwikset lock is having similar issues where it won't respond to a lock/unlock and reports the lock state inaccurately. Why isn't this a top priority of the Hubitat team and why does Hubitat continue to point fingers at the manufacturer when these devices are listed as compatible?

The suggested solution from Hubitat seems to be "replace your locks with a more reliable Zigbee lock". This isn't an acceptable or realistic solution for most people that have spent ~$200 per lock. I have four locks and am not about to spend that kind of money to replace when I never had a single issue with reliability or reporting with Wink. I'm losing faith that there will be a fix and will definitely be seeking an alternative hub solution so I guess this is just a rant but I really wish the Hubitat team would listen to users and make this a priority to fix.

Depending on your lock you might be able to just swap out the radio chip. I did that with my Kwikset locks. Paid as little as $25 on eBay.


Yup! Swapped out my chips with Zigbee chips from eBay. It is the correct fix. 100% reliable afterwards. I'm the author of the "Reliable Locks" app that so many people use to bandaid the issues. I don't use it myself anymore. Zigbee fixes the issues.


Do you know if they make the Zigbee chips for the Schlage BE468/469 and Kwikset 912 locks? I'd still be spending over $100 but honestly for all the time and money I've invested already it would be worth it. Probably about the same that I'd spend on a different hub but might be worth trying before I jump ship. Thanks

Would you consider replacing your locks with new zigbee versions, and selling your current locks on craigslist/ebay? With Schlage, you can swap the lock cylinders so you wouldn't have to re-key. Repeating myself from other threads, but my Schlage zigbee lock has worked flawlessly for 11 months and that's with questionable repeaters (peanut plugs and Cree bulbs in my mesh).

I haven't heard of "Reliable Locks" but I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks

I hope it helps! It's a partial bandaid. It helps if you're having trouble getting commands out from the hub to the lock. If the lock is slow to report state changes back to the hub, there's less it can do. It helps a little, but slowly.

Same is happening with my Yale YRD256 locks. They would be fine, then stop responding for an hour or two and then kick back in.

It use to be worse but I excluded/included them again and it made it a bit more reliable but still not 100%. I swear it wasn't this bad until one of the firmware updates (I want to say 2.1.7).

I want to switch them over to zigbee but can't even find the module for purchase in canada for a reasonable price.

My locks/hub do both, stop responding and won't accept lock/unlock commands and also quit reporting state changes. I'll typically have to perform a hub reboot or a Z-wave repair and reboot (still not sure why the repair is necessary but usually does the trick). So maybe this isn't the solution I'm looking for?

My issues seem to be resolved after a Z-Wave repair and reboot. Has anyone tried scheduling a Z-Wave repair?

It's absolutely worth a try before dropping more cash. It helps some things. But the "perfect" solution is switching over to zigbee.

In my case, I have 5 kwikset locks on my house. Started out 100% Z-wave Plus. I had reliability issues, so I wrote the Reliable Locks app. For 3 of the locks, this has been good enough. For whatever reason (mesh strength, or just weird firmware), the other 2 locks were never reliable. They were each unreliable in different and distinct ways, but I spent way too much time trying to fix them. I eventually switched the chips in those two over to Zigbee, and now they work perfectly. I don't need Reliable Locks app running on those 2 anymore. I continue to use it with my other 3 z-wave locks.

I don't know whether all the lock brands have any connection with the Amazon Key program (I think that is the correct name) but at least Kwikset does. The Amazon Key version of the Kwikset lock is called Convert. It is only the inside part of the lock and is Zigbee. The Zigbee module is easy to remove and replace in I would suspect all Kwikset connected locks.
If you look on the right hand side of the Amazon page, you can often find them used. Every so often they will be super cheap like $25 dollars or so. Check all the finishes. The used prices will be all over the place. The one I got was new in a sealed box.
I suspect these are sent to installers for a job and the people change their mind and return them. When there is an over supply they go really cheap.
If other lock brands are a part of that program the same situation may also exist. Worth checking out.


I just checked. Used Kwikset Convert locks aren't a bargain today but new are less than $50. ​ Kwikset Lock

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This is a pricy solution, but I'm happy I did it. I recently swapped out 2 Schlage locks with zigbee Yale equivalents. Yale offers a 20% discount (and free shipping) from their website. I financed the switch by selling a whole bunch of home automation gear I no longer use on eBay.

Paid for the locks with a little left over. Plus, I have cleared my attic of box full of junk. I still have a few things to shift (old GE switches, and the 2 Schlage locks I replaced).

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What model are the locks?

Schalge BE469 and Kwikset 912.

@tobyp24 The Amazon Convert Zigbee module should fit your 912. If you check every few days, you may find the used versions for much less than the current new price.

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I have two Schalges;

  1. BE469 CA (2018)
  2. BE469 ZP (2019)

The older #1 has been the most painful for me, but both have had issues.
The best advice I ran into was;

  1. Work on your mesh help (in my case I installed two aeotech z-wave range extenders between my hub and door.
  2. Let it settle for a week (or more than 2-3 days). I kept getting frustrated and tweaking things. It wasn't until I left it alone for a week.

Now my locks have been super reliable for a few months now, even the #1 old horrible firmware one I have.

I'm in a similar situation but I believe all three of my locks are the CA version. I have added the Aeotech repeaters which I thought helped at first but I'm back at square one. I've also tried relocating my hub and factory resetting the locks to no avail.

I didn't see it listed as a compatible device. It looks like there are other Kwikset locks on the list but not the 912.