[Released] Rule Machine 3.0


Yes indeed. All this commentary before we even get a chance to try it isn't helpful. I'm looking forward to trying it and, if feedback is needed, my experience is that it is listened to very carefully by the HE Team.


Here is the full list of Rule 3.0 Actions

		Control Switches, Capture or Restore 
			Turn on these switches
			Turn off these switches
			Toggle these switches
			Flash these switches
			Set these switches per mode
			Capture Devices
			Restore Devices
		Set Dimmers 
			Set these dimmers
			Toggle these dimmers
			Adjust these dimmers
			Set these dimmers per mode
			Fade these dimmers over time
			Start raising dimmers
			Start lowering dimmers
			Stop changing dimmers
		Set Color or Color Temperature Bulbs 
			Set color
			Set color per mode
			Set color temperature
			Set color temperature per mode
		Activate Scenes, Adjust Shades or Fans 
			Activate scenes
			Activate scenes per mode
			Open shades
			Close shades
			Set shade position
			Set fan speed
			Adjust fans
		Control HSM, Garage Doors, Locks or Valves 
			Arm/Disarm Hubitat® Safety Monitor
			Open garage door
			Close garage door
			Lock locks
			Unlock locks
			Open valves
			Close valves
		Control Thermostats or Thermostat Scheduler 
			Set thermostats
			Set Thermostat Scheduler
		Send or Speak a Message, Send HTTP Request 
			Send or Speak a Message
			Send HTTP Get
			Send HTTP Post
		Control Music Player Sounds 
			Control Music Player
			Sound Tone
			Control Siren
		Set Mode or Global Variables, Push Buttons 
			Set Mode
			Set Global Variable
			Push a button
			Push a button per mode
		Set Private Boolean, Run/Stop/Pause Rules 
			Set Private Booleans True
			Set Private Booleans False
			Evaluate Rules
			Run Rule Actions
			Stop Rule Actions
			Pause Rules
			Resume Rules
		Run Custom Action or Custom Command Polling 
			Run Custom Action
			Run Custom Command
			Refresh devices
			Poll devices
			Start Z-Wave poll on switches
			Stop Z-Wave poll on switches
			Start Z-Wave poll on dimmers
			Stop Z-Wave poll on dimmers
		Delay or Repeat Actions 
			Delay Actions
			Delay Actions Per Mode
			Repeat Actions
			End Repetition
		Conditional Actions 
			Simple Conditional Action
			IF (condition) THEN
			ELSE-IF (condition) THEN


I think by exposing the magnitude of the change to RM v3.0, we might all get the idea of how much testing, then Beta testing it needs.

I've posted similar before but the Beta testers are traditionally going to find about half the remaining bugs. Release depends, I presume, on the rate at which bug reports dwindle to near zero. That's the point where the variances of the Beta Test group has been exhausted. :smiley: In both meanings.


That's why I wait a week after release before installing on my production hub. Wait for the first few hot fixes to come out.

I update my development hub immediately, though, to try and find any bugs that would be specific to MY use cases.


I'm certain there are other fixes in the 2.0.9 release BUT for RM 3.0, that's an easy one, as Bruce pointed out. Just don't create new Rules. :smiley:

In other words, there's seems like there would be no reason to avoid the release if RMv3.0 was all.

But yes, I love our ability to delay upgrades til we each, personally, believe it's ready.


The inherent problem with testing Rule Machine is that there are an infinite set of possible rules/actions. Beta testing was preceded by extensive testing, but "extensive" is by no means exhaustive. Then beta testing shakes the tree and other bugs show up. Rinse, repeat...


I totally agree but the video shows there's a lot of UI changes too and I bet THAT portion isn't infinite. :slight_smile: If ONLY the UI bugs get ironed out in Beta that would be a giant step forward. :smiley:

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Thus is all so reminiscent of CoRE's evolution. (As I recall history....) CoRE used asynchronous execution but it was hard for users to wrap their heads around all actions going at once when they were presented visually in a certain order. WebCoRE changed that to synchronous execution, then quickly made it user-selectable. I like the way the GOM (Grumpy Old Man - said lovingly as an original ST RM user) has implemented this.


I don’t see “random” delay seconds mins hours..

Is this a feature in 3.0?


It's available with Delay These Actions in Rule 2.5, and its equivalent in Rule 3.0.


I think this is an under-appreciated new feature. Thanks @bravenel.


Thanks, bravenel !

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I do love blowing it up trying to be fancy. That's the best kind of mess ups. It frustrates my wife when the house scream red Alert and strobe red in an every room but I forget to get it out of the loop and she just wants it to stop and go back to the nice automatic mood lighting.


Edit: never mind. User error.


I thought I would have a play with the 'while loop'.
I have defined a test rule that, in my mind anyway, should turn on a light, wait 1 minute, turn off light and repeat this sequence every 5 minutes.
When I hit the run rule button the light turns on and no other action happens. It just stays on. I've obviously misunderstood your instructions and any guidance would be much appreciated.

Any thoughts @bravenel


You didn't create a "while loop". It has the form of a simple condition on the repeat

IF (front-door-open) REPEAT every 0:05:00


I'm obviously missing something very simple here.
Haven't I got
IF mode is day
Repeat every 5 minutes
-Wait 1 min.
-Turn on
-Wait 1 min
-Turn off


Yes, you are missing Conditional Action. It's at the bottom of the list of Action types, and you want Simple conditional action.