Deleting Restrictions

@bravenel One thing to possibly consider adding if not already added to rule machine 3.0, is the ability to delete restrictions from existing rules.

Right now if I have a rule that is set with a restriction of sunset to sunrise, I'm only allowed to edit the time restriction, not remove it completely (unless I'm missing something)

I believe you can. Just go into the time selection and select "No selection" for both end and start and then click done. The window might say "specific time" but when you get back to the Rule window the restriction has been removed.

Since there is no specific time set for the beginning/end, i don't believe the restriction will have any effect. I've removed this from rules and I haven't seen any problem with them.

No you can't.....doing this causes it to automatically default back to the previous setting, once one has been selected.

EDIT: Ok it does look like it removes it, although the selection does revert itself back to default, before I had one that wouldn't allow me to exit unless I chose a time. And if you have a specific time listed, choosing "no selection" makes it to where you cannot exit until you manually delete the actual time itself along with choosing "no selection"

You're welcome.

Is inaccurate

Just to be clear....this is already possible.

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