[Released] Rule 4.0


This issue has been reported. It's a bug with variables that have spaces in their names. This has been fixed for the next release.


perfect, thanks!


Off-topic, but those issues only happen with the built-in driver. I’m using a ported version of the Smartthings Zen driver and it’s rock solid. Only issue is it doesn’t report the mode changes for some reason, but that’s a trade off I’m willing to make.

Why did I change thermostats?

Oh man I'll have to look into that, thanks!



Is it possible to write a rule with many triggerpoints over time?

I have 4 rules today and are not sure if I would like to combine them.

  1. 30min before sunset, 4 indoor lights and 1 outdoor light @80%.
  2. 22.45 or Sleep Mode, 1 of 4 indoor lights turn off, outdoor light dim to 30%.
  3. 00.30 sun to thu or 01.30 fri to sat, 3 indoor lights turn off, outdoor light dim to 5%.
    4 Sunrise, outdoor lights turn off.

The reason to only make it one rule is to bypass it when having a party or something.
Got any tips for a pretty new guy? :slight_smile:


I would leave as 4 rules, and add a virtual switch as an override condition on them.

Same thing I do to my vacation rules - have a virtual switch "vacation mode" and use that as a condition to run the light randomizer, etc.


As soon as I write a question here and get an answer I end up with at least 2 more questions...

@JasonJoel : Is there a way that when I turn of that Virtual switch that it automaticly goes to the set routine... like if I turn of the virtual switch at 02.30, the inner lights should already have turned of and the outdoor light should be at 4%, but if I turn of the Virtual switch at 23.00 1 indoor light should turn of and the outdoor should dim to 30% automaticly and wait for next trigger event... Is this even possible?

And how do you get a Randomizer ?


You could, but your rules are going to get awfully complicated really fast.

If you used the virtual switch as an additional trigger, and made sure your conditions were time range as one of the conditions in addition to the fixed time (so an OR with the fixed time), you could probably do it.

You can make it as complicated as you have capability to understand, code, and troubleshoot. :smile:


Thanks, my head was going in that direction as well but honestly I have no clue what I´m doing :smile:
Will try it out!



I have three HE hubs. Is there a way to copy a Rule from HE hub 1 to HE hub 2 or 3 ?



Open two Browser tabs side by side and have one show the rule you want to copy to the other.. then begin typing :smiley:

Yea, I know.. not as funny as I intended. :frowning:

It's true, you cannot copy Rules from one Hub to another.


If the HE Hub died, can I buy a new HE hub and restore all my rule from the old one ?


You need to be making additional Backups. The backups saved on the Hub are wonderful, but if it dies, you do not get access to them. Techniques have been discussed, search will find them.

Yes, you can buy a new hub and yes you can restore the Backup, assuming you have one. You will get all your rules back, as of the date/time of the backup.

But you will NOT have access to your Zigbee or ZWave devices. Zigbe is probably easy, simply put the new hub in Zigbee include and cause the Zigbee device to re-pair (Factory reset then Pair as if they were new). They will return to the 'slot' (aka device ID) they were before.

ZWave involves: Exclude each device and then Include them. They will have new device IDs and therefore won't return to their 'slots'. You'll have to manually edit each to give them a familiar name, and then individually put them into the Rules/Apps/Drivers. Then you'll have to clean up the Device list to eliminate the 'orphaned' ZWave devices.


Oh oh !!! In WebCore, every rule have a code number, easy to restore . I hope HE team find a solution we can " copy, paste " ... between the HE hub.


The Rules are not the problem. The problem is, the rules have devices in them but the new hub has no devices. When you put the devices back, you have to 'reconnect' the new device to the old device's spot in the rule. Even WebCoRE doesn't solve that. :slight_smile:

A new hub has zero devices, restoring the DB just restores the 'knowledge' that a device-once-lived-here. When you re-pair Zigbee, the Device ID (which is hard coded by the manufacturer, and remains the same forever) is able to match the device-once-lived-here. ZWave doesn't do that. No hard coded Device ID. The Device ID is generated as part of the Join process.


I complained a little about RM 3.0. So to be fair I have to say RM 4.0 is awesome IMHO. Great work!! Thank you for all the effort.

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I haven't read any posts in this thread, just came here to tell @bravenel that RM4 is freakin amazing. I've been able to do so much cool stuff, from combining several automations into one rule to setting stuff up that I didn't think would be possible previously. Thanks!


Hello, I've been unable to use Rules Machine to generate new rules now since I installed the last release. Reported to support on August 28th with other issues that were resolved and informed Rules Machine has known bug causing issue and would be resolved in next release; next release date unknown. Can only manipulate rules that were in place at the time. Clicking on Rules Machine to generate a new rule errors with the following:.

Going on two weeks now without being add items back that were removed trying to resolve the issue, add rules back which were in process of being rewritten for Rules Machine 4, or add new rules. Is there any way to resolve this prior to the next release short of reseting and starting over or is anyone else experiencing this issue that has rooted out a fix? Thank You!


Sorry about this problem. This came about from a Global Variable with a space in the name. The bug has been fixed for the next release. In the meantime, please see the PM I am sending you about it.