[Released] Rule 4.0


You should be able to just add that string as a "string" parameter for that custom action

Or are you trying to have a variable string?

I plugged your string in and it worked flawlessly and my echo is playing Green Day right now...

EDIT: You can put the sequence string into a variable and just pass that variable to the custom action, e.g:

This way you can adjust that variable with what you want to do


PSA: Here's an example of a rule that will bring your hub to its knees:


Never put a repeat inside a periodic schedule unless you have plans to stop it. (or at least I think that's what happened)


How long did it take? At least you didn't make it exponential.


It never died completely, but it started seriously slowing down by 11pm. It stops at sunrise of course, so everything would be fine during the day. Took me a few days to figure it out, heh.



Do simple conditionals with delays get evaluated at rule trigger, or after the delay?
The second simple conditional (just before the ELSE) didnt fire. I now suspect that it's because at the time of the trigger, it was off/false....can you please confirm?



In your rule, on execution #1 it turns on the light and that status likely will not get updated in the system before the very next line runs to evaluate if it is on. I don't see that working reliably at all.

I guess you could do this, though:
ON simple condition
DELAY for a few seconds
OFF simple condition


Clever! I'll do that.


Has anyone managed to get RM4.0 to work with add/remove lock codes via custom actions? I totally removed my WC instance that only had one rule -- to control lock access based on mode and specific presence.


Yes, this works. There are 3 parameters. The first one is the number for the code, and is a number type parameter. The second parameter is the code, a string. The third is a name for the code, also a string.


Why isn't this rule turning off the fan when all conditions are false ?


Could try adding END IF? Also have you tried to click run rule to see what happens?


There doesn't seem to be anything in the actions that would re-trigger an evaluation of conditions.


I'm not real good when it comes to dealing with multiple triggering events but try something like this and see if it works for you:

Also, I have to ask, is it your intention to have the fan turn on every time motion is active, regardless of temp and humidity?


Yup cause you never know if the air gets polluted LOL


LOL! Kinda surprised Aeotec doesn't have one of "those" sensors yet.


Who nose yet... they might !


That was it...


you should make your triggers “changed”. that will cause it to eval the rule when they are false also, which is what needs to happen for your else condition.


OK, so here is one I cannot get to do what I want. I must be doing something wrong, but I cannot for the life of me get this to add "cancel delayed actions" to my ELSE.

I was OK up until the ELSE. When I try to insert an ELSE, there is no other action or way to add to the ELSE. If I save it, I just get ELSE with no way to do anything further. It ends up looking like the picture above with just a blank ELSE.

If I try to edit the actions, there is nothing to edit.

What am I doing wrong here. I spent literally an hour messing with this and I cannot get that one stupid cancel. Why does this have to be so convoluted?


Click on Done with this Action. Then you can Insert before the END-IF whatever action you need.