[Released] Rule 4.0


I just tried this also on my pocophone f1. But works fine here.

EDIT: saw the difference in chrome version. So went and updated it. Now on the same version as @sgrayban but it works just fine.


It could be the cell phone itself and the version of Andriod.


Yeah, we were thinking it's a Samsung thing... :upside_down_face:


I'm thinking its more of the Andriod 7 version.... I have another tablet here that uses Andriod 6 and no issue.

In any case I just won't use my cell phones Chrome to edit a rule again... I'll just use firefox instead.


I think I've found a bug.

Simple conditionals such as the below will change the MODE to EVENING if true OR false.


Removing the NOT and making it below, will also fail.


I changed it to a IF/THEN and it is working as expected.


this should change the mode to evening if its in any other mode is that not what you want?


Correct, as per my initial post, it's resetting the mode to evening when it's already evening, which is causing my rules to trigger A LOT!.

Edit: I edited my post 2 up to make it clearer.


You need to show the rule, not typed in text.

Each of these is correct. Show one that is not correct.

That display of TRUE and FALSE shows exactly what would happen were those actions run right now. It's using the exact same code to come up with the display as to decide to run the action or not.


Ok. I changed my rule in question so that it's not a simple conditional any longer, but IF THEN, and it's working as expected. I created a new rule, just for you, and it's working as expected. So, I'm at a loss. Normal programming to resume, sorry.


Doesn't google cache pages and compile them into a compressed format. Especially ones with scripts. Is it only happening when you're not using a local Wi-Fi connection? (I know this is a long shot)


I dont have that data saver option checked.


I think there is a bug with editing Triggers... Or I should say, there is some bug related to the UI when you open Triggers of an existing rule to be edited. Will see if I can figure out what that is, and whether that is what you encountered or not.


Im sorry if this is a noob question. I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around canceling actions. For example, when my front door is unlocked, and there is no front patio motion, I want the door to lock and flash a light after 2 minutes. If in that time the door is locked manually, I dont want a lock command sent and I dont want the light to flash. The locking when unlocked and no motion detected portion works fine, but the light flashed even if it is manually locked. Here is how I have it set up. What am I doing wrong?


Your rule only triggers on the door being unlocked, not on it being locked. So nothing happens upon it being locked. Change you trigger from Door unlocked to Door changed. Your IF-THEN selects based on which happened.


@bravenel in RM 4 how can we craft a custom command for a device? I see we still have an option in Actions to pick Custom command but only the 2 custom commands that I created before are visible and I do not see any way to create new custom actions anymore.


You can define custom actions directly within the rule


Thanks. I see this too but then options after that are only showing on() and off() - 2 custom command i created when we had RM 2.x. I see no way to create new custom command from scratch but only to pick what is already created and in the system


Are you sure that you are maintaining a RM4 rule and not an "old" RM3 rule? Can you post a screenshot?


Thanks - I think I found it and how to set it up. It confused me that when I am at stage of pcking capability of the custom action there is no speech option. I was looking for custom action for Echo Speaks to send custom sequence command with some string commands. I managed to set this up by picking music player for the Echo device I wanted but it took the string literally and not as a command. SO this is the next thing to figure out - how to pass correctly command with params as string so that Echo Speaks processes the executeSequenceCommand(volume::40,, speak::this is so silly,, wait::6,, weather,, cannedtts_random::goodbye,, traffic,, amazonmusic::green day,, volume::30) correctly


Custom Commands were retired, and all of the available functionality exists in Custom Actions. You can look a the device you want to use a Custom Action on, and on the device page see the type of the parameter expected by the command.