[Released] Rule 4.0


If the trigger is active, then why do you need the IF-THEN at all?


By jove I think you're onto something.


If I remember the steps it went like this.

Setup triggers
Setup actions in this order

  • Conditional action
    • IF
    • device or device or device has these triggers
    • THEN
    • turn on fan
    • ELSE
    • turn off fan -> delay 30 minutes

This created the rule correctly and I can edit it.

It's the same steps I have always taken for setting up 4.0 rules. But it failed 2 nights ago and then last night it failed twice. The 3rd attempt worked just like this one.

Come to think of it when 4.0 came out I tried it the first time and I recall having the same problem happen and ended up just making a 3.0 rule.


Do you mean the Conditions created from those triggers?




Can you reproduce the fail?


I just tried again and it didn't fail...

Im going to try something else and see if that's the step that foobars it up


Can't make a fail still.. I even tried a nested IF IF


Still saved and editable


Well shit this is a stumper.

I went in to change the trigger values because I thought that would have triggered the fail but it didn't.

What I don't think should be happening is that after I change a trigger value the action for that trigger should also update... instead I have to go in and edit each action for the corresponding trigger. That really should have to be done.

I though that was the fail but nope.... I can still edit the conditional actions.


@bravenel rule broke after I changed a trigger value.


Could you show the rule, here or by PM. The main page, and describe what you changed.


You wont believe what's breaking it...

My cell phone chrome browser. And I can reproduce it....

Update: It's fixable though.

To Break it:
I use my cell phone to edit the rule trigger. Any trigger from any rule. I save it and when I go to edit the actions the rule seems to be broken but its not.

Cell phone is a Samsung S7.

To fix it:
I use my desktop chrome browser and go into the same rule and simply edit and save the trigger the actions are editable again.


When I VPN into my RPi and open apps with the browser on the RPi all sorts of weird things happen. I have to make sure I leave everything alone apart from defining new, very basic rules. Anything else and things go haywire.


So essentially this is a browser induced UI break? Interesting. Is the rule actually broken? Or just its presentation? When you go into the desktop browser, is it still broken before you edit?


Make sure you have the latest Chromium. It will work fine with the latest, but for whatever reason, the rPI builds with an ancient version of Chromium


Can you provide more specifics as to exactly how to reproduce this from a new rule?

I tested on my pixel 3xl and can't get anything to error, but could be missing something without step by step instructions.

Can you reproduce with a fresh / clean rule?

Can you reproduce on a different mobile device, if any available?

What version of Chrome is running on the Samsung S7? And does the issue also appear if you use a different browser (like brave, based on Chromium) on the device?


Yes it's still broken when I use my desktop.

No its not "really" broken. All I have to do is use my desktop google chrome browser and edit the same trigger I edited on my cell phone and just re-save it.

I can reproduce it only on a 4.0 rule and it can be a new rule or a old one.

Don't have another cell phone.

I haven't tried another browser yet... I'll do so after I post this.


Using Firefox does not cause this issue.


Great, any steps to reproduce, able to reproduce on a fresh rule? Able to reproduce on a different android device?

What version of chrome?


I laid out the steps here --> [Released] Rule 4.0

Posted screenshot of my Google chrome version