[Released] Rule 4.0




Can you post a screenshot showing what you get when you click on the actions section of the rule page?


I did...


OK. I'm at a loss then. Need to wait until bruce can have a look


I did another test with RM 4.0 I made another test rule and same results.

Did the same rule in 3.0 and I can edit everything.


My example above is a RM4.0 rule so it is definitely possible to edit actions in RM4.0. There must just be something odd about your example. Maybe it is a very specific bug.


Well duckme... I made a 3rd test rule and that one actually works.... @bravenel any ideas ?


What happens when you select the capability when it goes wrong? Does it let you select a device? If so, select one, if it lets you set the condition, set one, even if it is arbitrary. See how far you get “just following” RMs lead. I think the UI is in the “maintain condition flow”... for whatever reason....


I occasionally end up with a large accumulation of unused conditions while optimizing a rule. Is there any harm in leaving a load of these in the rule, unused? Or is it wise to remove the ones that aren't used?


What you're showing is a symptom of a corrupted action state. Not sure how you got there. I thought I had tracked all of those down and fixed them.

Did this start when you edited the triggers? And by edit did you mean changing them as opposed to removing one and recreating it? It does automatically create a condition when you create a trigger, so if I had to guess it might be related to that. I need to know what steps you went through to get to the break, and it would be very cool if you could reproduce the break.


@bravenel - is there a way to force a periodic trigger to happen exactly "on the half-hour" ? Currently it's running every 30 minutes based on whenever the rule first starts.



How about starting it exactly on the hour or half hour? The answer to your question is no, other than this.


I could give it a shot, but would of course have reset it after any future reboots. I'll see if I can make up for number range errors in the rule itself. Thanks.


Doesn't the periodic schedule solve that problem for you:


Aha, that looks like it should do it yeah?


Okay, I'm going crazy here - this shouldn't be this hard. I can't figure out why this isn't turning off the bulbs always. There are 3 motion sensors. Only 2 should turn on the light. The light should turn off after all 3 go inactive, after a delay of 1 second. It's a Sengled Color bulb, so I have to dim it to 0 if I want any sort of fade. Sometimes the light turns off, sometimes it doesn't. What glaringly obvious mistake am I making?



Turn on the action logs.


It skips the "all inactive" part. I think it's getting to that part slightly before they all go inactive, so it skips the action and ends the rule. Normally I'd use Motion Lighting for this, but I have this variable to use.


Well, with three motion sensors in the IF-THEN and only two in the ELSE-IF your two halves are not mutually exclusive. Maybe you could Wait for Condition instead of ELSE-IF?


That doesn't want to work either, I think because the trigger is changed, so when 1 changes to inactive while the other is active, it runs the whole thing again and turns it on. I can set the trigger to only go when they change to active - let's try that.

*edit: Setting the trigger to active works. Thanks Bruce. I'll see if I can break it now.