[Released] Rule 4.0


Could you show me this rule? Ideally, what it looked like before you tried to edit it, and tell me which IF-THEN you edited/changed nothing.


First, thank you! Although I was finally starting to wrap my head around RM 3, this is so much more the way my brain works. I really love the “changed” trigger. I’ve combined all of the rules for things that happen when mode changes into one big rule with 4 “if mode is” statements. It’s so easy now to see exactly what I expect to happen! Did I say thank you!

One thing I’ve noticed — and it may be noted above — I couldn’t add an “else” into an existing if-then-endif statement. The else wouldn’t show up on the list of conditional statements. I had to first delete the endif. Then I could add the else and its actions. Then I had to add the endif back in. Not a showstopper — just an annoyance. Seems like the else should be allowed.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this notification would only work if the door is opened within the time specified, not if the door was opened before the time frame and then left open. So if the door was opened at noon and never closed, you wouldn’t get a single notification all night that the door is open.


That's odd, you're right, it should be available to insert. I will look into that.


You are correct, since it is triggered by the door opening.


So to catch this scenario the trigger would have to change to be triggered by certain time instead and then have the IF statement check the state of the door, right?

Edit: Actually, only the trigger would have to change in this rule as the IF is already checking for the state of the door


If the intent is to check it at some point in time, or during some period of time, then yes.


Ah, but then it would only check once and not throughout the whole night. So to have it checking all night you’d add a delay at the bottom of the rule for say 1 minute and add a repeat on the whole rule? And an ELSE clause with a stop repetition to stop it repeating in the morning.


I have not yet upgraded the hub so I haven’t got RM 4, but from what I have read in this thread I am loving it! Thanks @bravenel!


Created my first RM4 rule and something isn't right. The following rule ran for exactly 12 hours then stopped.


That sounds right. It woulfd run from 11am to midnight.

What did you expect it to do?

If you expected it to run every hour all day, you need to start it at midnight.


And I should have known that HOW? I didn't see anything that says it only runs the same day. To me every hour means every hour period.

Didn't mean that to sound sarcastic, just a little puzzled about the wording.


Because that is exactly what you TOLD it to do?

The trigger for the rule says starting at 11am. Why would you think it would run before 11am? After midnight it is no longer after 11am, so it stops then as the trigger condition is no longer true...

Another way you could do it is have a trigger at midnight and do the repeating in the actions section. Actions can be made to repeat forever, which it sounds like you want.

Or instead of midnight use the hub rebooted event as the condition (it is in the location capability), and then repeat forever in the actions section.


I understand what you are saying, but to me the wording is confusing. When I created the rule I had to put in a time to start, which in itself is confusing. I would have thought that every hour would be enuf in itself without a start time. And if it had said AFTER 11am rather then starting at 11am would have been clearer.

Please don't take offense at my ranting here, just a little frustrated. Especially since this is a rule I shouldn't need to start with. I am using the Z-Wave poller app. For some reason it periodically just stops polling. I have to go into the app and stop the polling, even tho it is already stopped, then restart it. Been fighting that for a couple months with no solution.


Nope, I understand. No offense taken on my end.

That is how I works, though. So now you know. :+1:. I agree you shouldn't have to do that, either, for what it is worth.


Does this look like what you mean? I see the point about starting it on a reboot as otherwise on a reboot it wouldn't restart till midnight.


I agree that is a bit odd. I have a periodic schedule RM4 rule that runs every minute and that didn't ask for a start time.


I believe that should do what you need!


So back to my lock rule I was having problems with earlier in this thread, I have it partially worked out. Here is the rule I have:

It worked perfectly to turn on indicator lights. However, this morning, I noticed it never turned them off. I can now see that there was no intervening "trigger" event for lock changing or time was 10:00PM. So in order for this rule to evaluate false will I have to add two more triggers, one for 07:00AM and another for 08:30AM? Or is there a better way to accomplish what I need to do?



Now running and I can confirm the Days of Week schedule issue has been resolved for me. The rule still was not taking any action at the appointed time even after the upgrade, but after I went in and dirtied the rule and saved it, it subsequently did work as expected. Thanks again.