[Released] Rule 4.0

Updated to v119 this morning and now I can't see anyway to use Time (Ie. Sunset, Runrise or specific time) as a trigger.

Once the trigger is set, I can't find it when creating actions

Done this a bunch over the past few days, did something change that I missed?


"Certain Times" cannot be used as a conditional action as they only can occur at a "certain time" which would have passed even if by a millisecond by the time the condition were to react to the trigger. If you want a "certain time" trigger and a condition that only acts at or close to that time then you could use a "time of day" limited to only 1 minute. The ability to see these as a condition was an error, kind of like the "changed" as a condition.

Thanks @halfrican.ak

Coffee hadn't kicked in yet, I know that.... doh


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Happens to me all the time! NP

Actually it would be cool if we had the ability to set a "time of day" with a range of less than 1 minute, but I'm guessing that might be too specific of a request.

What's the need for this?

Again VERY "eclectic" use case. but if one had a certain time trigger combined with a contact trigger and wanted to limit the contact trigger to a specific time, being able to limit it to less than a 1 minute window might be a plus. Although 1 minute is probably enough for 99% of the scenarios.

In this rule I have a periodic schedule set but I also want to use a contact sensor to cancel the repeat so I have a time of day condition set to a one minute window of the periodic schedule to prevent the contact sensor from triggering the repeat outside of the desired time, I guess being able to limit it a little more seems like a plus, but it probably is a small one.

I think you could use Private Boolean and a very short delay timer, to give yourself an arbitrarily small window of time.

As soon as I typed the scenario I thought of that, I use PBs to prevent multiple delays/repeats all the time, just hadn't implemented it here.

Thanks again Bruce!

uggg NM -- it runs when TRUE !!! duh

Can we try this one again?

Currently, this rule only works if the door is opened between the 2 times. Yes that is desired AND to also notify me if the door is open when Sunset-30 happens. IOW, the point you made early on that if the door was opened at noon, I want it to notify me at Sunset-30

I wasn't able to follow the corrections needed to make this happen

Change your trigger to be sunset-30. You will then have to add some repeating actions and/or wait for event contact open to make it evaluate the conditions repeatedly. If you don’t put any repeats in it’ll just evaluate the conditions once at sunset-30 and never again. Then don’t forget to stop the rule at sunrise

Edit: Sorry, it’s a big vague because I’m not in front of the hub.

Edit 2: Actually, I don’t recall this, but is it possible to have two triggers? If it is then it should be enough for you to just add the trigger for sunset-30 to your existing rule and it should work the way you want it. It should then trigger on any of these events.

Wait...@toy4rick so, if the door was open at noon, you want it to notify you at sunset-30 or not? You never finish the In Other Words that you started. Why don't you try to explain in plain words what you want to happen rather than just hacking away at the rule trying to get it right and then asking us to fix it when it is completely unclear what you ACTUALLY want to happen?

This RM 4.0 rule will turn on my light, but it does not cancel the delayed light off action. Yes, the END-IF is missing, I just now figured out how to add it.

Am I missing something here, or is this a bug? The trigger 'Variable Hole Bedroom' is false, but it indicates (T)

  1. If the garage door is open at sunset-30 notify me (opened sometime during the day doesn't need any notification)
  2. Or if the door is opened between sunset-30 and sunrise notify me every 10 mins until it's closed


The else will only happen if all of the If part is false. What I suspect is happening is that the light being on is forcing the Lum sensor to be >9 so the If part isn't firing when motion is active and the light is on.

I would use a nested if:

If motion is active then
      Cancel delayed actions
      If Lum is ... and time is ....
           Turn light on
      turn-light off after delay.

The two end-if's are VERY important to have here.

If fact, when motion goes active again, it is going to schedule another turn off after delay because you've fallen into the Else Bucket. That's why I would also use an Else-If motion is inactive to be safe.

Hi Bruce.
I've noticed in RM4 you can no longer a select the last day of the month in the periodic schedule.
Here is a screen shot of one I have in RM3,

In RM4 I can only select the following. Is this something that didn't get mapped across or intentional.


that seems odd. if part of your statement is running, then all of it should be. what do the logs show?

You can do the RM3 example in RM4. Just select week of month first, then day of week, finally month.

Thanks Brian.
This is probably how I found it before.
Should have poked about a bit more.
Thanks for he heads up.