[Released] Rule 4.0


Way too many posts here to read all, so maybe this has been said already, but it's worth saying again.

Thank you @bravenel for moving the choice 'Conditional' to the top of the drop down. I use a MS Surface in touch screen mode so that saves me about 10 screen flicks per rule. I didn't know how badly I wanted that change until you made it. Thanks, I appreciate you and your work.


I also am grateful for this minor change, not to mention the rest of the fantastic 4(.0)


The changes are nice, but the interface still needs work. It took me a bit to figure out that after the conditional is made it shows above the editor but the editor still shows the conditional as well.

Having a dropdown to select the action you want to edit also takes a bit of getting used to.

If the interface could be improved to have an edit and delete link or button next to each action/trigger, I feel this would be a very solid release.


There are some things imposed by our current UI framework that don't really support doing this without a major rework of the platform app UI. We are well aware of these limits, believe me. Such a rework is not in the cards for near term, as there are higher priority things to focus on.


Hi Bruce

I tried this rule but it doesn't work, it turned on the light but never turns off, why? Thanks


Probably because you never see the motion go inactive the way you have it.

For your Trigger Event, use Motion changed.


can we get an option to select all devices of a certain type? For instance if I want something to happen on all contact sensors, I'd prefer not to have to select each one individually. It would be much easier to select "all of this device type".


I re did the rule, still not turning off the light, here is what I have now

Thanks for your help


The first condition must be "active" not "changed". The condition "changed" will always be true if your trigger is also "changed". So if you modify the condition it will work.

The trigger needs to be "changed" just the condition needs to be "active"


Good point, but how I change the condition if it is generated by RM? Thanks for helping


Below the action sections is the option to manage/create conditions, you can edit it there.


Below action section or inside action section? I don't have anything to edit below action section


I realize that I need to disallow changed to show up in these created conditions, but to automatically change it to the default setting for that capability.


Lol, ok, I'm lost...


inside the action section at the bottom of page, you will see manage/edit conditions


I found it! Thanks. What is the reason to have END-IF if no actions are placed for it?


It's not required to have the END-IF at the end, but I always add it just because....


So found a bug:
add a rule with 2 different conditional actions of if then.
select edit for one of the "conditional actions of if then" change nothing and click done.
now both are identical.


@vjv I would say end-if isn't required for a simple rule like this. End-if is required in many complex rules. Or with nested if statements.

So it is better to just get used to always use it.


Thanks for reporting this. There are knows problems with editing expressions, and this is another variation. For now, instead of editing, one has to delete the IF-THEN and replace it.