[RELEASE] Z-Wave Firmware Updater

Trying to update the Inovelli red series firmware. Everything seemed to go fine but it's been stuck at "flashing..." for about 15 minutes now.

The LED on the dimmer is solid blue (was flashing before). Not sure what to do now - can anyone help?

It's finished flashing. Revert back to the original driver. Hit Configure. You should be able to control the device.

Also, if you use Basic Z-Wave Tool, you can confirm that the firmware version is updated.

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Doesn't look like it worked :anguished:

Version is still 1.35 (I was updating to 1.44). What do I do now?

UPDATE: before I changed back to the Inovelli drivers, I hit the Version report. This is in the logs:

Now I'm confused by what the correct version is...

You need to clear the current states first - forgot to mention that. Before loading the device driver.

You can clear current states using @BorrisTheCat's Clean Device driver.

Here it is:

1.44 is correct.

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You can try hitting the Refresh and or Configure button. Either of those should query the device


Not sure what I did, but now it's showing the correct version (1.44). :relieved:


I don't see the "configure" or "refresh" buttons with the Inovelli driver. I think a couple of "Save Pref" and "Save Device" may have tricked it into updating.

Both Configure and Refresh are in the top section of the device page to the left of the on and off button. The save(s) will have done somewhat the same.


Ah - found them. They are buried in the middle of a bunch of other buttons on the Inovelli driver :grinning: I was so used to seeing them up in the top/left that I just completely missed them.

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I believe the actual number of buttons in the Inovelli device page is 4 thousand two hundred and twelve buttons, at least in my last count where I was continually interrupted. :wink:



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Where is this found? Is it a built in app, package manager app, or just found on GitHub?

In the Hubitat Github.


Pretty sweet, I just updated 4 of my Aeotec Multisensor 6's in about 30 minutes. Way simpler than the first one I did with a z-stick.

Don't forget to un-comment the multi tap options....

Can anybody help me get a hold of the firmware for the Australian version of the Aeotec Multisensor 6?

Sorry. I should have specified that I'm after the extracted flash-able .hex file, which Aeotec don't provide.

I would have realized that if I looked inside the zip. That is how I had to do it before bcopelands updater.

Have you asked Aeotec?

I'd be interested in the hex file too. I have one multisensor on 1.12