[Release] Webhook Notifier

I repurposed @rayzurbock's Pushbullet speech device to make a generic webhook speech device. With this, you can use the "speak" function of a virtual speech synthesis device to send text to a webhook. I have used this to send notifications via IFTTT, Azure Logic Apps, and, interestingly, SmartThings (via a custom rule in CORE). It should also be useful with Microsoft Flow or pretty much anything where you can accept a webhook with a simple payload.

I'll add an instructional video for wiring this to IFTTT to my to-do list for the weekend. In the meantime, if you know what you're doing, please enjoy!

Webhook Notifier code on GitHub


Thanks for the shout out. I just simply modified Eric Roberts code from Smart Things, but that's the beauty of open source and published code. We all build upon, comment on, and ultimately expand the code beyond it's initial conceived intent. That to me, is the beauty of the platform (well, that and the fact that it all runs locally and that the developers of the system are here and help us out in our efforts as they can


I discovered the incoming webhooks within MS Team channels recently and started playing with how to get notifications in MS Teams.

I used this set of app/devices and the connection works. But I'm not seeing how to use the webhook notifier device with the notifications app or rules engine, for example.

I'm new to HE, so please bear with me if this is obvious and I'm missing it.

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