[RELEASE] WaterGuru Pool Integration

This should be considered beta, but it does get information about your pool. It currently requires a python flask app be running on your network to connect to the AWS Lambda endpoint (which requires Cognito + AWS4 auth calls). If you can figure out how to do this in native Hubitat calls, I look forward to the pull requests :slight_smile: It's currently limited to 2 polls per day natively, but you can be creative on how you refresh the data should you need it more often.

This should also be installable via HPM.

(Yes, my pool was out of wack because we were gone for a week).

And notifications via my nodered flow

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This product looks very interesting and affordable.

And the integration add more value to it. How do you like it?

I’ll tell you in a week or so. I hooked it up long enough to get an account and to capture the API calls then went on vacation; I also had to wait for the square cover adapter. The way I look at it I get daily samples for $50 a pool season (6 months - 3 pack of cartridges is $50 and each lasts 2 months). I can know before lunch if I need to adjust something or go buy something, and if I do need to buy something, I’ll take a sample. I’m hoping flow rate can tell me if the skimmer is full (I.e while on vacation, I can know when to tell the neighbor to come over). A $50/yr cartridge “subscription” is the sweet spot for it to be worth my time/effort to have a gadget give me more visibility into my pool.

The price does look good. Of course they don't ship to Canada.. :frowning:

Honestly, this may be one of those devices that I don't even need to connect. Its good on its own.

Any update on this? Still working? How has it been?

I only had 1 month to run it before we closed the pool, so I can't comment on viability and accuracy. It was pretty close to being accurate in the month we had it. It looks like my integration will still work when I open in April.


I'm somewhat tech savvy, how hard is this to install, and it's it still working without issue?

If you can start a docker container, it should work withour issue. I don't use this anymore as i get the notifications from their app. I haven't had a use case to need it for tying to other automations, but as you can see apparently I need a reminder to add chlorine.

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