[RELEASE] Virtual Omni Sensor Plus

Wanted to monitor battery level for all of my end devices; which are mostly motion sensors, contact sensors, and a handful of humidity/temperature sensors; in node-red. I have a virtual device for every real device (it makes swapping real devices easier for me as I experiment with new devices). Quickly realized none of the built-in virtual drivers have battery. For a short period I created a second virtual device for every device and set it to use the Virtual Battery Sensor drive from this post.

To avoid having to make a second virtual device for every real device I modified the Virtual Omni Sensor driver to add battery.

Virtual Omni Sensor Plus and Device Mirror Plus

Makes life easier when using it with the Device Mirror Plus app. Now each of my virtual devices reflect the capabilities I want to see in node-red, without having to make multiple virtual devices.

-Added "Virtual Omni Sensor Plus" and "Device Mirror Plus" to HPM.

-add threeAxis

-updates to event descriptive text for humidity
-add hours and minutes to change log dates

-change batteryLevel attribute back to battery


Nice work. I was happy to make a small driver for myself, but that seems like it is simple enough with a whole bunch of options for the different sensors, but keeping them in one device like you mentioned.

Would be nice to include some of the additional tweaks I made shortly after releasing my driver to indicate a status of charging, discharging, etc. I had a couple of other enhancements I was planning to make, just need to remember what they were... :slight_smile:


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Thank you for the inspiration with your Virtual Battery Sensor driver!

Good point. When I get a chance this weekend I will make an attempt to add the status and last time updated.

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Let me know if I missed anything.

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At a glance it looks good.

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