[RELEASE] Virtual Keypad

I've ran into a slight issue. Wondering if it would be possible to allow for this.

I have set up another custom button I call "guest access". It's intended allowing services into the home. Cleaning lady, dog sitter and so on. I assign them there own code. When they enter the home they enter their code, press the button, and via a Rule, system disarms and house goes to "guest" mode.

Currently, for the sake of simplicity for the visitor, have the button set up to then execute the previous HSM/Mode state upon leaving.

Issue is that I want to utilize the same chime/visual counter/delay. To do this I have the rule automate the pressing of the respective arming button. Those buttons require a code. I currently have a walk around of a automated entry of a "master code" to continue to execute the arming without further interaction from the visitor but it seems very clunky.

Is there a way to differentiate and allow pressing of the coded buttons when it's from an automation vs physically interaction?

I have 2 ruleS THAT MAIGHT work for you
when Trigered (HSM status is Disarmed)
IF (Mode is Away) On: V. Presence with Switch +Delay
Off: V. Presence with Switch +Delay --> delayed: 0:00:06
when Trigered (V. Presence with Switch +Delay Arrives)
change MODE to GUEST

**V. Presence with Switch +Delay is a VITUAL DEVICE.



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Ah! I'll give that a try. Thank you!

Could you hint me what you changed in css, the apperance of your keyboard looks very nice

Need some help setting up the virtual keyboard. I am very new to this environment and sorry if my questions are very basic.

I followed the instructions and managed to create a new dashboard added the following devices(not too sure if this was right

I copied the CCS and JSON code as per the instructions and removed some buttons and added my contact/motion status

I then when to HSM and started to assign the keypad buttons to their function

At this point I am able to arm away/arm home/ and disarm the alarm. I linked the keypad back to to the main dashboard but here is where I'm having issues.

  1. I went into 'devices', went to 'Main Keyboard' and added a code but I don't know how to link to disarm

  2. How do I make the system automatically DISARM by entering the code only or is keyboard designed to press the disarm button and then enter the code? in either case, I don't know how to enable the pin# to disarm

  3. is there way to make my piezo buzzer beep when the system is counting down

4)Below is a shot of the keypad copied into my main dashboard (not too sure what iframe does but I copied the ccs code in the main dashboard (see pic below)

Sorry but any solution will have to spelled out to me

first thing. there is no configuration needed in HSM. The virtual keypad interacts directly with HSM, using its own functions (controlled via the app that creates the virtual keypad). you will want to remove your HSM configuration for the keypad.

Use the App for the keypad to configure its options. You will find an easy way to add HSM arm, disarm/etc from the app. there is also options for the chime to work, but again, must be configured from the app.

To answer your other questions directly:
what is the iframe for:
this is so you can configure 1 keypad to act as you like, and include it on as many dashboards as you want with little effort. also, when you change the keypad, it will update everywhere, instead of going to each dashboard and making changes.

to disarm, depending on how you have the app setup, you can either click the disarm button and it will disarm hsm.. or if you require a code to disarm, then you input the code, then hit the disarm button to send that command. if they code is correct it will execute the command, if the code is wrong it will not execute and give you a bad code message. in the app, you can configure the keypad to send you a notification if too many bad codes are entered in a row.

Try to go through the instructions in the first post again as you walk through your setup. There are definetaly a few things i can clean up to make more clear, but all the info is there to get this setup. If you have further questions please try to give some addtional details about the specific issue and steps you have already tried to resolve them. either I or another helpful member will chime in and give you some options to try to get it working for your needs.

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I setup the count down delay for arming but how do I setup a delay the siren when the front door is opened and the system is armed.. I tried creating RM to manage but the alarm keeps going off as soon as I open the door

You should have "intrusion delay" options in HSM...

They are in the second section when you first enter the HSM app.

I have arming delay done with Virtual Keypad options and intrusion delays set in HSM directly.

This gives a standard "entry delay" through only certain contact sensors. The keypad can be used during this time to disarm with triggering an alert.

This is a rule I use to give us an audible and visual element to that....

I think it is a bit clunky and I may revisit it but it is serving it's purpose.

Thank you @markbellkosel84, For some reason I has those 2 zones bypassed.. Now working fine

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Looking for a RM to manage when someone enters through the front or garage door while the system is armed (home or away) to have my Piezo buzzer beep until the code is entered or the siren goes off.

thx all for the help

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Sent you a message since it's a bit separate from this topic.

Thanks @markbellkosel84 I am going to try to follow your code... If I need help can I send you a message directly?

Basically I have a piezo buzzer to make the beeping sound and a siren when the alarm is engaged...

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Go for it! Happy to help! As you can see in this topic, I majorly geeked out over this. Still love it and have been tweaking some things still but want to make sure I don't go overboard with complexity.

Looking for some guidance to get 'Enable a trigger for a Chime/Tone Device during command Delay Countdowns' going.

I have a piezo buzzer that emulates the chirping sound when I open and close doors but I am not too sure what the trigger and actions should look like in RM to have the system beep when counting down...

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to cancel the countdown if I disarm the alarm on the keypad

I have the following rule setup in RM

So you are wanting an "exit chime" from you piezo that is in sync with the key pad?

You got it... In RM under the actions to run, I have it beeping slowly for the first 20 seconds and then for the last 10 seconds I have the piezo beep fast (to indicate that its the last 10 seconds to arming)

But if I disarm the alarm the count down before the virt keypad arms HSM, the beeping still continues

I know that there is a setting in the Virtual Keyboard for exit chime but I dont know how to set it up in RM

It looks like you are not using the chime child device as intended. The device "flashes" during arming delay.

This is the rule I have for exit delay....

In the Keypad Manager I have the interval of the chime set to 3 seconds. So every time the chime turns on the rule runs to make a repeating chime. I like what you are working towards, though, with the speed up during the last few seconds. I'm just not sure how to pull that off fully. I'll have to think about it.

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can't believe how simple that was... Thank you

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Happens to me ALLLLL the time. I rack my brain over it and just when I think it just can't work the way I want, a second set of eyes looks at it and boom...it sorts itself out.