Mode Manager: Mode based on presence - Delay/Cancel

I would like to request, a input for delay setting Away mode based on presence option by minutes.


I think we all know that presence detection is tricky. I find there are times when Geofencing is a little goofy because of the minimum measurable granularity (not to mention weird times when GPS is not at all reliable).

I would like to request the addition of a delayed Away mode based on presence.

In following imaged section, I would like to see an int input added, defining number of minutes to delay setting Away mode based on all presence sensors departing, which would of course be canceled for any of the presence sensors returning within the defined threshold.

Thanks for the consideration.

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Could you do it within the presense sensor itself, by delaying the time before presence turns absent. That's what I do

I see no such setting on the Virtual Presence devices.

I use Cobra's Presence Central. Plus the ablility is available in the iPhone presence sensing (but it works for many Android devices as well).

Thanks for the advice. As a contributor to that very ecosystem, I'm aware of the available custom options.
I'm asking for a native implementation in mode manager, unrelated to other offerings.

While you wait for that, here's a thought:

Create a virtual presence device. Create a rule with all of the relevant presence sensors as a condition (all not present). For Actions for True, after a delay with cancel on truth change, use a Custom Action to set the virtual presence to departed. For false, set the virtual presence to arrived. Use the virtual presence in Mode Manager instead of the other presence sensors.

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Yessir, in essence that's what I do currently.

I don't intend to add this to Mode Manager due to the complexity involved. Easy enough to accomplish without that added UI and implementation burden.

Fair enough. :sob: no, no, I'm ok.