[RELEASE] Virtual Device Sync

That did it @stephack :clap::clap: Thank you sir!

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Oh yeah, I didn't realize I had Device Sync in the Inovelli repository. I'll straighten things out and put a link for the drive in the original post.

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I was having "weird" issues and lots of performance issues with the HE hub that it appears to be caused with the way I used the Virtual Device Sync and related simulated dimmer driver. @ericm FYI: The HE system on the surface works perfectly fast when I just use the physical switch and watch the simulated dimmer channels get triggered and the errors are logged. It only shows up as a real weird issue when I use this in my routine mode to shut down a bunch of my lighting at night when things get so slow and bogged down that it appearslike the nothing triggered when it fact it seems hung up in a bunch of all my 5 H801 devices.

I was going to copy the thread over here but here is the link with the log errors.

Basically the device errors are the simulated dimmer switches and the app:353 is the Virtual Device Sync associated with those specific 5 channels of the H801 RGBWW Controller.

@dcoffing I haven't yet tested the Virtual Device Sync app when used with the H801s separate channels in Hubitat so it may need some work. Since Rule Machine can control the channels by itself using custom commands have you thought about using that instead of creating virtual devices for all the channels?

Edit: I think I am going to create child devices for the separate channels. The device sync app was created before child devices were a thing. Now that child devices exist, they are a better way of doing it.

That would be awesome. I look forward to testing it for you :slight_smile:

I setup Rule Machine with custom commands to operate the lights for now and will patiently wait for the child device modification.


I need to do some consolidation and clean up on it, but it is working for me.

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So you have already made the changes bro?
UPDATE: Its working great for me. No need for Virtual Device Sync now with your updated changes using parent-child technique.

HAppy New Year @ericm

Fancy finding you here. how are things over on the HE side of the Home Automation world.
I have just started on my slow steady migration and done my first 2x motion sensors and a Fibaro Single Switch.

Tomorrow I plan to attack my first Fibaro Dual Switch zwave plus fgs-223.
Shall I use this virtual device sync to get things working on both end points?

I think it might be supported natively now? The post below from Mike was in late Aug. And if it isn't it must be real close.

As @dcoffing says, there might already be support for it. If not, then you actually don't need to use Virtual Device Sync since the driver is created with child devices.

@ericm thanks for that.
I updated my hub firmware to yesterday.

When I look at the list of Device Types available, via Device Information on existing switch, I see Fibaro Switch and Generic Z-Wave switch listed but no Dual switches. Are you saying the hub will identify it as a dual switch and create the child devices for me, as part of the Inclusion process?

I'm not sure, I haven't used the built in drivers for it. I'm just saying if the drivers aren't built into the Hubitat firmware then you can use my driver. Either way you won't have to use Virtual Device Sync since my driver uses child devices.

Your driver for the STT, it is cross compatible?
If not where can I get it from eric?

I have added a few of my 223 today. Included them and changed them to be Fibaro FGS-222 type.
THen I used the Parent/Child Dual Relay to get it all working.

If anyone knows a better way shout up please?

All of my Hubitat drivers are here:

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Many thanks for this link.
I am currently using the Dual Relay Driver to utilise the 2 child switches.
Can anyone outline the process of changing the device type away from Dual Relay Driver/Dual Relay Driver(Child) to utilise @ericm 's excellent drivers?
I have tried changing the Parent Device to the FGS-223 but the children dont work and I cant seem to change the type of the children...
I would appreciate some guidance here

Thanks in advance

Sure, if you change over to my Fibaro driver you need to delete the previous child devices and then hit "Save Preferences" for them to be recreated with my driver. I'm not familiar with the Dual Relay Driver (I don't see it in my list) so I'm not sure the specifics regarding it.

thanks @ericm

I will have to create a couple of temp virtual switches to swap over the related SImple Lighting and RM rules then :wink:

Okies Eric

I removed the old child devices, changed the Switch driver to yours and did the Save Preferences. The Metered Child devices were created but the associated lights dont work...any ideas?


Okies I have a spare FGS-223 so wired up and connected to HE.
Changed Device TYpe to your device handler ty and Save Preeference to generate the 2x Child endpoints.
Nothing happens when I turn the Children On/OFF and I get an error when I physically switch one of the endpoints?

Any suggestions?

I'll PM you about this as it isn't related to Virtual Device Sync.

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