[Release] Unbranded 8-Relay Ethernet controller (HHC-N-8I8O) Lan driver

This is a LAN driver for a Unbranded 8-Relay Ethernet controller, sometimes found with the Identification HHC-N-8I8O ;
If it looks like this board, it is probably it... this can be found in abundance on eBay, Alibaba or other market places

I have a few of those configured at home, I just finished the first version of the driver.



Interesting but I could not find good use cases for this in my home.
What are you using this relays for? Maybe I'll get an idea and start a new project :smiley:

Sprinkler system? Low voltage lighting? Seems like lots of options at that price

8 relays might be too much for my use case.
Found this on Ebay -Ebay.
Will the driver work with a 2 relay board as well?

The main/easier use cases for home projects are for irrigation and/o sprinklers.
the number of relay's is never enough.... I got this 8-relay one to start with, then got another 3 along the way.

in my project, I have it connected to do both plus garage door remote, storm water pumps, driveway lights a few of the blinds.

@amithalp I if the board looks like the one in the picture from my repo, it probably is. I saw versions of 2, 4, 8,16 and 32 relays of this board. A good tell is the instructions the sellers give you, as the commands to turn it on/off will be the same.

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