[RELEASE] Tuya Zigbee Valve driver (w/ healthStatus)

Hi all. Just a quick note that I followed the Saswell Amazon link on the first post and purchased 6 of them for a nice USD$15 each (currently on a 50% off deal).

The model is SAS980SWT-7-ZO1 (ZigBee Gateway)

Pairing was successful with the built-in Sinopé driver, but open/close didn’t work.

I installed Hubitat Package Manager, then used it to install the Tuya Zigbee Valve driver. Same behavior - pairing worked but open/close didn’t, until I changed the device profile to TS0601_SASWELL_VALVE via the advanced options toggle. Hooray!! It’s so cool we can get new models working without code update!!

It seems that Auto off timer value needs to be increased to prevent premature shutoff. I haven’t explored all settings and will likely just control on/off timing via Rule automation.

Many thanks to all who contribute here but none more than @kkossev for his awesome work on this driver. I’m new to Hubitat, having recently migrated from SmartThings, and loving it so far.

WOW!!!! On Amazon UK they are going for £65. What a rip off..........