[RELEASE] Tile Master - Display multiple devices that can be Controlled from the tile!

I'd read the current instructions, but I expect this part may not have changed... Otherwise, make sure you have added the device you want to control to the maker api app configuration.

Thanks, the miss here is that this "important information" section is only visible on line 1 of a multiline tile. If, as in my case, the device you are wanting to control is on line 2, then these instructions will never be visible. Also, after the tile has been created, at least for me, when you go to edit again, the last row being used will be shown, it does not start back at row 1, so again, its not visible.

Hi @bptworld, I need some help here; I am trying to build a tile similar to the one @mark.townshend built some time ago last February 26, with a set of lines simulating a water tank, but there is just no way I can build it. I simply cannot make the line to fall into the "between" area. Could it be that there is a bug somewhere?
I´m using a value that comes from my Tempest WS, specifically "PrecipAccumLocalDay", how much rain I'v had today, with values in mm, very small ones, such as 1.335656 or whatever, but I cannot make the lines to take that value and fall in between,

and I cannot make any line to show the color defined in BETWEEN, like the example I posted.

any ideas?? Thanks!!!

In my application the low setting is only active at 90, and High at 100, anything in between is in between.
the Cyan indicates it is somewhere between 91 and 99

I expect it is working with integer numbers, that is why you get no in between.

Is there an option to scale the output reading like the smart implant, and get a micro meter value in the integers?

Settings for my Fibaro Smart Implant, with Hydrostatic level probe.

The values for offset and range I measured using a 5 litre container, to put 25 litres in, and scaled for the working level of the tank.

You can add a test offset to the level equation, to test the Tile for any level you need.

I have a couple of 1000 litre IBC's connected on the collection side now, so I need to have a dumb tile displaying the Rain stock Variable based on the pump tank level sensor multiplied by the number of tanks.

Happy to make a donation if you can include Variables in your fancy tiles :wink:

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Thanks @mark.townshend for your suggestions.
I’ve looked at my device’s driver and it doesn’t include an option for equations unfortunately, so I can’t play with values to test the app.
I have been reviewing your post, and although I agree with you about thinking that the problem is related to integer values, i believe that actually the app works with decimals by looking at the shown values, with a dot and a zero on integer values.
@bptworld Bryan your comments will be appreciated.

New version...

2.6.2 - 05/22/22 - Adjusted some number handling

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:ok_hand: Looking good!

I’ll just have to wait for some rain to test it again with real data.

Thanks @bptworld Bryan!

Note 1: Yesterday we had some rain (barely, 1.3 mm) but enough to test a couple of tiles I have set, one with .5 intervals and the other one with 1.0 intervals, and it worked perfectly!!! Thanks Bryan

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I second the request for the ability to limit decimal places or round up/down numbers. Specifically wanting to apply to Sun altitude and azimuth numbers.

That's up to the device. All TM does is pull the data from other devices.

Is there a way to handle displaying info that contains a "," (comma)? Specifically a date like "Thursday, June 9th".

Nope, commas are BAD! :grinning:

maybe you can use my driver? [RELEASE] Date Time Parser driver (aka schedule_ur_garbage_cans) - #14 by jshimota

Hi. I tried to clone my working lock in line 1 to line 2 and I guess something failed during the clone. The tile is inactive and I can't edit as the app fails with:
app:14222022-07-06 13:55:49.533 errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'currentValue' is not supported by device 1377. on line 1851 (method pageConfig)

1377 was my good lock that I was cloning to position 2 (of 3 locks).
Can it be patched to catch this invalid so I can go in and manually fix whatever field is bad or do I have to delete the whole tile and recreate?


EDIT - Just recreated as I saw you note in the app saying this funtion is not reliable.

FYI @bptworld From HPM today:

2022-07-22 16:00:00.572 errorBad manifest for Tile Master. java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'betaLocation' on null object Please notify the package developer.
app:2232022-07-22 16:00:00.566 errorError downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bptworld/Hubitat/master/Apps/Tile%20Master/packageManifest.json: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: status code: 404, reason phrase: Not Found


Bundle Manager

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Trying to install this via the bundle file: https://github.com/bptworld/Hubitat/blob/master/Bundles/TileMaster.zip

When doing so, I get an error message " library not found on line 48: #include BPTWorld.bpt-normalStuff"

I tried installing the apps individually as well, but this #include file doesn't seem to exist.

Read post #2 of Bundle Manager

Thanks that was the missing piece I needed. As a bit of feedback, the text in #1 "Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using Bundle Manager." is what misled me. I went to GitHub like I've done with everything else I've installed already and looked specifically for the app by this name. Being new to your apps I didn't know there were dependencies outside the individual library.

Very nice set of tools, looking forward to putting them to use.

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