[RELEASE] Tile Builder - Build Beautiful Dashboards

When I wrote the docs I only included the features that were introduced with that version. So the use of Highlights is covered in the Original Attribute Monitor help and not in the Grid help.

Basically though the %value% variable is the key for numeric comparisons. So you would do a comparison like this, Greater Than, 80, %value% and then set the color and size as you wish.

Won’t be at a real computer for a few weeks so no screenshots I’m afraid.

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Hey @garyjmilne,

thx a lot for your great work!
i get the following error when trying to install the Grid app:

Error Occurred During Installation

An error occurred while installing the package: Failed to install app https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GaryMilne/Hubitat-TileBuilder/main/Tile_Builder_Grid.groovy. Please notify the package developer.

is this a problem in my environment?

Ive been travelling for five weeks so there have been no changes. So yes, I think the issue is local and will need some playing with HPM.

Thanks for your fast response! You are right of course, updated my hub to the latest version and installed with no issue.

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