[Release] Tasmota Sonoff Hubitat Driver & Device Support


I've tried the drive posted in the post above, but wasn't able to get it working as I though I could. I've gone back to the S20 driver to see if I could somehow get it working. I've pretty much got the same result as before, so no luck there. But I did note that on the device screen, that the state variables don't look right, namely the ipAddress=null. So I suspect somewhere in the setup process, ti did not configure the address correctly.

State Variables

  • settings : {vreport=60, password=null, logLevel=0, port=80, pos=0, ipAddress=null, wreport=60, override=null, autooff1=0, ureport=300, areport=60}
  • mac : C44F3389A84C
  • dni : C44F3389A84C

I tried setting the IP address in Preferences, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.


Don't let state variables get you messed up. If two drivers are using different variables, when you swap between them the old ones will remain. There's no way for a driver to know what variables a different version of the driver used so there's no way for them to be cleaned up. Only way to clean those is to load a driver that cleans them in between or start with a new virtual device.


I saw the problem with the S20 driver. There was problem with how the credentials were encoded if you used a password to control the Tasmota. The strange thing is that it looks like you don't have a password enabled, so it shouldn't have ever been calling that method. That is why it didn't effect me. Oh well, give the new one a shot.


You lost me on the password. Is this the password for the web UI to the device, or something else? I have set a password for accessing the web ui, so unsure why that would be it. Is there another password that can be set for the device itself, and how would that be enabled?

I've played with the preferences of the device to set password, but unclear if that is where I need to start.


If you set a password for the webui on the Tasmota, you need to put the password in the hubitat preferences for the device. You also need to get the latest driver from github.


So apparently the tasmota RPC code that you shared is causing issues on my hub. I have 6 of these devices and I guess they are killing the Lan Service. Do you had any updates or should I try one of the other drivers for generic single switch?

Thank you for the update. I looked at your hub's error log and the errors before your reboot yesterday morning came from the Lan Service. Looks like your hub got disconnected and then a custom code was trying throwing this error: Unknown HubAction: 8408


Nope... Haven't had that problem on my hub. Haven't seen any errors. That's the only info you have? Was this driver the only custom code that you have? The thing is, unless you are issuing a command to the device, the driver just sits there waiting for the Sonoff. It doesn't have to poll it because the Sonoff should report in on port 39501 when it changes, that's what the driver is keyed to. So, unless you were sending a command at the same time you were rebooting your hub, I can't see what in this driver would be causing that. But if support can be more helpful or you find out any more info , please let me know.


You're right.. too quick to point blame. Apologies; assumed that because I started having issues once I added more switches. I'm going through everything and turning on debug to try and narrow down. It's either this (which I doubt now), HubDuino Ethernet, or TP Link as those are the only ones doing HubAction calls.

Updated drivers for TP Link and HubDuino. Also lowered RSSI reporting for Hubduino and reduced the cloud refresh rate to once every 30 minutes (thought about disabling it but, we'll see if this helps). Worst case, I get my spare Hubitat out and move Lan devices to it...