[Release] Tasmota Sonoff Hubitat Driver & Device Support

I flashed the file highlighted sonoff.ino.generic.bin selected the pow device, it shows all the bits OK and turns on and off but there is no habitat/smarthings tick box. I haven't loaded a driver yet.

Hmmm must have been a late night last night, now managed to get in the 'correct' firmware and now have the correct config boxes. Will try the rest later when I get home.

Thanks Peter

The firmware above has no driver for the POW. You'd have to write one based on the ones listed.

The S31 driver seems to work OK, reports current and voltage.

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It is not the same but i'm sure the current driver could be modified to work with it. I should have mine in a few weeks and we will see.

If you use tasmotta, you can use the same template as the iFan02 to get tasmota to work with the fan. But there is no tasmotta driver for a fan device yet so someone would have to write one to get the ifan to work.

As an alternative, you might want to check out VLC Thing. You set it up on something like a Raspberry pi with speakers plugged into it. It shows up in Hubitat as a speech device. I have one that announces when door and window sensors are open, when a water leak is detected, etc. Once it is setup, you can have it say anything. There is no need to load it up with mp3s since I believe it uses Amazon's voice services to pull down the audio file. It also caches the file locally so that it doesn't have to reach out to the Amazon cloud when there are statements that get repeated (i.e. "The front door is open"). I know I have it working and I think I used the port here:

Hey thanks - very kind of you offer up an alternative.

I'm going to take a look.

Hi is there a child device driver for the s20 driver, I have flashed a dual R2 and the s20 driver works for one switch but it reports:

alertMessage : Child device creation failed. Please make sure that the "Switch Child Device" is installed and published.

I flashed the firmware, added the 4channel device driver and the switch child driver, Sonoff Connect discovers the device... but I cannot control it. It isn't responding to any on/off commands from within the device tab. Any ideas?

Which device driver did you use? can you provide a link to it? Is it one from a different thread? Then it won't work with the custom firmware. You can only use the custom firmware with the custom drivers listed or one that follows the same principals.


both are from under his GitHub.

"Hubitat/Drivers/sonoff-4ch-wifi-switch.src at master · erocm123/Hubitat · GitHub"

"Hubitat/Drivers/switch-child-device.src at master · erocm123/Hubitat · GitHub"

I don't believe those are drivers for the Tasmota firmware as they are not labeled as such. As you can see, other drivers are listed that way. This one i believe is supported by the firmware posted in @ericm's other post labeled "Sonoff Connect"

Ill go check it and try them now.

Looks like there is no driver/child driver for the 4ch pro r2 yet. Bummer.
I am trying to get this up and running to automate my chicken coop (run door via an actuator, lights, heat lamp)
Maybe someone here may be able to port them? :slight_smile:

Port from??? The problem with these devices is that the driver has to create child devices. That's a bit out of my skillset.

From his older Smartthings driver set for them?
I am assuming they are at least similar.

Nope. One uses his custom firmware and one uses Tasmota which is a totally different command set and method for responding to commands.

Did you try the firmware & driver combo from my Sonoff Connect thread? I use the Sonoff 4CH Pro with that code in Hubitat without any problems.

Which one, the old thread or the new one?
I’ll try it today.

It's possible he is having the same problem as me with the R2 releases, your firmware for the Dual loads and provides a webpage but won't control the relays.