[Release] Tasmota Sonoff Hubitat Driver & Device Support

Yeah... that's what I was afraid of.
Unless someone comes along and builds the right drivers it looks like I won't be Hubitat-ing any time soon haha.

Controlling your MP3 player from your Home Automation system is that important to you? And you can only do it with Tasmota? Well, then yeah, HE isn't the right platform for you then. Best of luck.

Oops, I deleted my post by accident. I was trying to correct a spelling mistake.

Here's what I was saying before I deleted it.

Every time we open a door or window we hear a "beep" for 'open' and a "beep-beep" for 'closed' so, yeah, I guess that's a big part of our daily experience (the biggest?) with home automation. The kids are gone so it's just the wife and I in a big house so that part was not negotiable.

I wanted to remove our existing security system and add smart switches, dimmers, sensors, garage door opener, etc. and Tasmota helped me solve a major piece of that puzzle.

If there is another way to do that with Hubitat I'm very interested.

Yeah...there are tons of ways to do that in HE. What type of "mp3 player" were you using to make that noise? What other types of smart speakers or devices do you have at home? I use both an Aeotec Gen 6 Doorbell and a bunch of Google Home speakers to do different announcements in my home.

Besides an Alexa we don't have anything else that makes sound that would be considered "smart". That's the reason I bought the little device and a couple speakers. I think all together they cost me about $15 and they work remarkably well. There's a link to that little MP3 player at the site I referred to that lists the Tasmota commands.

I'll see if I can read up on creating drivers.

If it responds to standard HTTP calls, that shouldn't be a problem. Do you know the syntax of the command issued to Tasmota to get the track to play?

Yeah, just HTTP.

I tried to post an example of it but couldn't.

If you do the chat-bot intro it will let you I think.

I had this error because I updated an existing device with this driver vs an older one that had cronjobs to manually update the status. I couldn't get rid of them without deleting the device and adding a new one with the new driver.

So muat be missing something, have flashed the POW and can connect using a browser bu cannot see Hubitat/Smarthings enable, any ideas?

Regards pete

You flashed the firmware above? What driver did you use in HE for the device?

I flashed the file highlighted sonoff.ino.generic.bin selected the pow device, it shows all the bits OK and turns on and off but there is no habitat/smarthings tick box. I haven't loaded a driver yet.

Hmmm must have been a late night last night, now managed to get in the 'correct' firmware and now have the correct config boxes. Will try the rest later when I get home.

Thanks Peter

The firmware above has no driver for the POW. You'd have to write one based on the ones listed.

The S31 driver seems to work OK, reports current and voltage.

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It is not the same but i'm sure the current driver could be modified to work with it. I should have mine in a few weeks and we will see.

If you use tasmotta, you can use the same template as the iFan02 to get tasmota to work with the fan. But there is no tasmotta driver for a fan device yet so someone would have to write one to get the ifan to work.

As an alternative, you might want to check out VLC Thing. You set it up on something like a Raspberry pi with speakers plugged into it. It shows up in Hubitat as a speech device. I have one that announces when door and window sensors are open, when a water leak is detected, etc. Once it is setup, you can have it say anything. There is no need to load it up with mp3s since I believe it uses Amazon's voice services to pull down the audio file. It also caches the file locally so that it doesn't have to reach out to the Amazon cloud when there are statements that get repeated (i.e. "The front door is open"). I know I have it working and I think I used the port here:

Hey thanks - very kind of you offer up an alternative.

I'm going to take a look.

Hi is there a child device driver for the s20 driver, I have flashed a dual R2 and the s20 driver works for one switch but it reports:

alertMessage : Child device creation failed. Please make sure that the "Switch Child Device" is installed and published.

I flashed the firmware, added the 4channel device driver and the switch child driver, Sonoff Connect discovers the device... but I cannot control it. It isn't responding to any on/off commands from within the device tab. Any ideas?