[RELEASE] Sonoff iFan03 Tasmota Driver

This is my release of the Sonoff iFan03 Device Handler Driver

How to use the Sonoff iFan03 Device Handler

Sonoff iFan03 New Instructions:

  1. Flash iFan03 with the Tasmota firmware Sonoff.generic.bin that is on my github
  2. Add the Sonoff-Tasmota iFan03 DH to Hubitat
  3. Add a Vitual Device and set the IP address
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I have updated the driver as the buzzer was not supported the same way once the iFan03 was officially supported with tasmota.

I have also added support to disable the buzzer when controlling it using the device handler.

Have you thought of adding the fan capability to the device so it could be controlled with fan speed commands?

I will look into it. Had not thought about that. Shouldn't be too hard

I'm working on a pull request for you to give you a head start. :slight_smile:

great! send it

Will do. I don't have the device though so you'll have to try it out and let me know if it works. :slight_smile:

I can do that

Fan Controls added

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