[RELEASE] Sinope Device Drivers with advanced functionality

53.526¢/kWh !! :open_mouth:
I don’t think I understand this rate D dynamic pricing. So when everyone’s at home, it’s subzero outside and you need to stay warm, they charge you that much per kilowatt hour?

How Rate Flex D works

Rate Flex D is different than the base rate (Rate D). This is how it works.

  • In winter,
    • outside peak demand events, the price of electricity is below the base rate, so you can save money.
    • during peak demand events, electricity is billed at a high price (53.526¢/kWh). You’ll have to shift nonessential electricity use or limit it to reduce costs. The day before a peak demand event, you’ll receive a notification by email and, if you like, through our mobile app.
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Peak periods last three hours in the morning, four in the evening. The way you're supposed to deal with this is to "preheat" your home a little above normal ahead of the peak period, so that you use less power during the peak event (and remain comfortable). Flex D is a gamble and few people go for it AFAIK.

The winter credit option is much more popular : Rate D with Winter Credit Option | Hydro-Québec

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I think this will be able to search your email for the notification and switch automatically for you. Personally, I would just create a filter to auto-forward those emails to another Gmail account and then have the community app search that secondary email.

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Hi Sam, I just installed the driver for the TH1124ZB - 4000W and I am not able to get the adaptive display to work. The on and off display works. Do you have a recommendation?

Hi Sam,
I found the problem with the adaptive display of the “Thermostat TH112xZB with energy meter” driver. The fix is ​​to increase the luminance when it is lit and lower it when it is dark.
Line 93-96:
@Field static final Map constBacklightModes = [ "off": 0x0, "adaptive": 0x0, "on": 0x1,
0x0: "off", 0x1: "on" ]
@Field static final Map constBacklightModesG2 = [ "off": 0x2, "adaptive": 0x1, "on": 0x1,
0x2: "off", 0x1: "on" ]

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@samuel.c.auclair Since I've started sharing the power measurment from my Sinope themostats in Home Assistant to improve what my Sense Energy Monitor can report, I've notice that the reporting often gets stuck reporting a value when there's no consumption.

If I click refesh in the driver, it updates imeadiately. I'm using the latest drivers from HPM, and I'd be happy to assist troubleshooting this issue if there's a fix possible. I could schedule a time-based refresh, but I have 8 Sinope thermostats so I'd rather not do that.

The two thermostats in particular that I'm seeing the issue on are the TH1300ZB for our heated kitchen floor and the TH1124ZB that is connected to two fan-forced heaters in our living room/dining room space.

My theremostats and their prefereces are as follows:


  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 40
  • firmwareMT: 119C-1126-02400203
  • lastRunningMode: heat
  • manufacturer: Sinope Technologies
  • model: TH1124ZB
  • softwareBuild: 02400203


  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 77
  • firmwareMT: 119C-0011-01010901
  • lastRunningMode: heat
  • manufacturer: Sinope Technologies
  • model: TH1300ZB
  • softwareBuild: 01010901

Hi thanks for sharing your solutions. It's been a while since I've worked on those driver but I should soon update my driver and include this fix.

Hi, this is odd, I'm not sure how to solve this issue, especially if intermittent. I've never experienced this issue. The only issue that I sometimes have is the daily, etc reporting not always resetting for whatever reasons (most likely too much reset of value at the same time, 10 thermostat).

If the issue is intermittent, I don't think the problem is with the driver, but maybe the Zigbee mesh. The energy reporting is push from the thermostat device, so the hub does not ask for a value, it is only receiving one. So, there is only two possibilities, the thermostat for some reasons stop sending those value or the value sent by the thermostat is not getting or not process by the hub.

However, maybe next week, I planned to work on the drivers that I have to include libraires. So maybe by rewriting the code will solve this problem.

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If there’s something I can provide (ie. Logs) that will help let me know. It’s a pretty regular occurrence on these two thermostats.

I am skeptical that it’s a Zigbee mesh issue since these are powered devices and they are both very close to the hub on the other side of the wall. The ZH1124ZB is in fact right on the other side of the wall from the hub.

I’ll try a rejoin of the ZH1124 and see if anything changes.

I think this issue has something to do with the reporting setting of the temperature, when I worked on the driver for the water heater switch, I believe there was a way to change it. Most likely right now they are reporting every xx number of watts or something and no time base, so if the thermostat is only heating at 10% energy it will be reporting a lot less than when it is heating at 100%.

Now I'm not 100% sure this value can be changed, I'm at work now. But I'll check tonight in my notes if this can be changed or not.

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@samuel.c.auclair I just re-joined the ZH1124 and an initial test shows that it did seem to have a positive effect. I temporarily raised the heat setpoint, the heaters turned on and showed a much more realistic power level than I've been seeing previously. When I turned the setpoint back down, the Current State for Temperature updated a few seconds later, but the power reading was still the same as when the heat was running, even though they were no longer running. About 10 seconds or so (wasn't watching the time exactly) the Current State for Power updated to show 0 as it should.

It's cold here today, so this will be cycling a lot. I'll keep and eye on the Current States and see if it's indeed been resolved by simply re-pairing the thermostat.

It's basically this. I did some testing and found that it was still reporting 183 Watts, but because this particular thermostat is connected to fan forced heaters, they are not actually ON and do not output any heat when the thermostat is delivering lower power levels to them.

Even though I have the thermostat set to FAN type heating, it still shows one segment on the heating level (e.g. The thermostat is still delivering power to the heaters, but it's too low for them to actually turn the fans ON). I can confirm this by just lowering the heat by 0.5 degrees C, at which point the thermostat heat level indicator turns off and the driver then instantly turned showed Idle and 0 Watts.

So I thought that maybe if I just played with the Heating change setting it would resolve this issue.

Heating change
Minimum change in the PI heating in % to trigger power and PI heating reporting, 1..25

But no matter how I set this from 1 to 25, the result is always the same as before.

Are you sure the thermostat is set for long cycle ?

What power reporting looks like here on a 1000W fan-forced heater (and the fan does come on even though it's less than 1/4 power):

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Are you sure the thermostat is set for long cycle ?


Mine are Larkin & Dowling 15FP (1500 W element) and 10FP (1000 W element) fan forced heater insets. Both are connected to a single TH1124ZB in the same room. They're Canadian made in Vancouver.

Their interaction with the thermostat is strange. I get a reading of 289W, but the fans are not going, nor are they producing any heat. But then I get a reading of 443W and they start running, yet when they shut off, it still reads 443W. I tried a refresh just now an it's still showing 443W. Other readings update when I hit refresh, but the Power doesn't and that's because the thermostat shows that it's still delivering power to them. Now they just came back on and it's reading 365W. :roll_eyes:

Here are my settings (when I took this screenshot, they were not running):

I may just give up and put my spare Aeon HEM on them for energy readings.

When the cycle is set to "long", the reporting of the PI heating and power are somewhat strange (but still logical to a certain level). For long cycle, the thermostat is either on or off.

The reading for the PI heating and the power are in reality averge value over a certain period of time and not instantaneous values.

Moreover, the way that the firmware for the thermostat works (at least for generation 1), power reading are in direct relation to the PI heating. Automatic reporting for the power is not possible, the thermostat does not respond to such configuration, but is capable of auto reporting PI heating.

To reduce the zigbee communication, the power is simply estimated from the PI heating and t connected load. From my previous test, this value was always equal to the request power value reading (with short and long cycle) and the calculated one.

For the reporting of the energy, I've never validated those reading with another clamp device for example, since it was always looking as logical. I do have a fan force heater and this one always seems right as well.

I will work on the driver in the next few days when I will have a bit of time. We could test some configurations.

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Just moved my spare Aeon HEM onto that circuit. I'll let you know what it reads in comparison to the thermostat itself.

@samuel.c.auclair The readings from the Aeon HEM are higher. There's no guarantee they are 100% correct. In the past, the Aeon was about 80w higher than my Sense Energy Monitor whe I directly compared them. However, I have three of them, so maybe this one is less accurate than the others? :person_shrugging:

I could check that tomorrow by swapping the clamps with the other two units I have.

TH1124ZB= 2139 W

Aeon HEM v1= 2440 W

Bonjour Samuel, I would like with your driver to be able to obtain a hourly history of my thermostats to create a graph comparable to what Neviweb offers (Sinope's proprietary application). Is this something you already offer?

Obviously, if anyone already has a solution in place that could meet my needs, I would be interested in hearing from you.

Hi Samuel, another feature that would be interesting to have on the thermostat display is to be able to display the Dynamic Rating icon. In the meantime, thank you for your excellent work.

Oh I was not aware of that! It is most likely only on recent hardware, which I don't have.

So except if some one get me the cluster and attribute ID to control this light icon, I will not be able to add this feature.

However, it is most likely possible that in a near future such info will be available here:

I do plan to rewrite the code of most driver soon to use the library capability, however it is not currently my priority over my 100s projects.

When i will do it, if I find how to add this feature will do it gladly.