[RELEASE] Shelly Energy Meter (SHEM) or (SHE3M) Unofficial Driver for Hubitat

Shelly Energy Meter (SHEM) or (SHE3M) Unofficial Driver for Hubitat (no mqtt requirement)

Here is a unofficial driver for Shelly Energy Meter for the Hubitat. It uses a IP address much like the switching products, no need for mqtt. Install your Energy Meter device on WiFi, upgrade the firmware and set the meter requirements on the Shelly Web GUI.


Updated Driver

Hi, really appreciate your hard work in creating that driver! I'm new to HE, installed it just yesterday, however as I do own a ShellyPro 3EM, do you happen to know if this driver might work here, too? Thanks, Chris

I don't have a 3EM just yet to try the driver on it. I did built it to 3 channels, so if it detects the SH3EM correctly it should collect the data and add it. Select the initialize once you place the IP address in the parameters. It should read the device. Let me know what you see, I can do a screen share to see first hand to help troubleshoot.

Thank you for leaving the credits in the code... first person here that has done that that used my code.

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I am attempting to use your Shelly EM driver but struggling; no doubt because I am a newbie. I have copied the code and created the driver just fine, although on the driver screen there is very little under the 'state variables' and 'Current states'.
I have been trying to put a tile on a dashboard but when I look under attributes there are very few to choose from and certainly none that give me the power reading.
The readme notes state: Install the child device driver name as "Shelly Energy Meter Device". However, I am afraid I have no idea how to do that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

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