[RELEASE] OwnTracks for Hubitat Presence Detection

I've been trying to be "more clever" and document as I go. I've added your walkthrough as a collapsible section on the first post for others to benefit from.



Just realised that the docker containers don't start automatically if the always-on pc reboots.

However, if I just logon using remote desktop, they start up immediately.


Not sure how to fix this,

I had a "page not found for several minutes". Logged on to RD, 30 secs later, docker desktop showed they'd been running for 30 secs and everything worked fine again.

Note this is the default setting for the docker service on my machine:


I tried changing the service to autostart and that didn't make a difference, I still need to log on as a user first.




This link fixed it:
Configure Windows to automate logon - Windows Server | Microsoft Learn



Updated the initial post with that addition. Thanks for posting that!


I finally got around to installing this. GREAT WORK. I was using an older OT setup, but this is a LOT better and much easier to manage. Thanks for all your hard work @lpakula


Just an FYI.
I'll post in the beta topic as well.
This SQL error has been gone from Owntracks since .128 and now it's back on .139 beta.

dev:21382024-04-14 01:04:08.023errorjava.lang.RuntimeException: java.sql.SQLException: Referential integrity constraint violation: "FK_DCDS_TO_DEVICESTATE: PUBLIC.DEVICE_CURRENT_DEVICE_STATE FOREIGN KEY(DEVICE_STATE_ID) REFERENCES PUBLIC.DEVICE_STATE(ID) (CAST(25972300 AS BIGINT))"; SQL statement: DELETE FROM device_state WHERE device_id = ? AND attribute_name = ? [23503-224] Query: DELETE FROM device_state WHERE device_id = ? AND attribute_name = ? Parameters: [2138, wifi] on line 256 (method generatePresenceEvent)

Not seeing that error...it's coming from your Owntracks phone device, I assume? My Owntracks is on a C7 running

FYI, is a production release, not a beta release.

It's from the phone device, and looks like when it's cleaning for a "private member". Not sure why the database is throwing an error though... that's on the HE side.

Just pushed a new version to address the issue @danabw mentioned with phone notifications.

Previous version wouldn't send a "left home" notification if you had a wifi SSID saved in HE. This version fixes this.

BIG NOTE: One you update, and you have the notifications enabled, you will get one notification from each device on the next location update as it syncs to it's current presence state. This is normal, and will only happen on upgrades.

So if you are home, and your phone sends a location you will get a "Bob arrived at home" message.


Well that's just plain crazy talk, cuz my name ain't Bob!


Thanks for the update and the continued to amazing support of this tool. Very cool.


Just pushed an update for the notification settings. Looks like I partially broken them when the phrasing was changed (if you had arrived+departed selected for a member, you wouldn't have noticed).

Big change to the notifications though:

  • You can now select arrived / departed notifications per member and per region (instead of all regions).
  • BIG NOTE: Due to this change, you WILL NEED to re-configure your notification settings. By default, all regions are now de-selected, so you will receive no arrived/left notifications until they are reconfigured.

Tagging @oldcomputerwiz @s1godfrey @neerav.modi @Jani @albertjmulder @bobbles as I believe you had set up arrived/left notifications and they will need to be re-selected.


Excellent new interface!! :+1::+1:

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Thanks for the tag. I think I'm ok because I use RM to send my notifications but will make sure to check everything when we go out today.

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Are you willing to share your RM rule for notifications?

Here's an example of a rule for one phone. Trigger on presence change, and then very simple if/then (If presence changes to present, send this message, if presence changes to away, send this message).

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I'm are there is a better way but this works for us. I have a rule for me and a second identical rule for my bride

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Anyone have luck with these notifications? I have cleared settings, saved, went back in and checked all the boxes I wanted, but still no notifications. I know the notification device is working since my other notifications are received when cycling between away and home, but no OwnTracks specific notifications.

This is a new setup as my Life360+ instance just broke due to a recent reboot/upgrade, so maybe I did something wrong, but the presence devices are accurate to reality, it's just the notifications that are not sending out.

I'm also having this issue, notifications from the app haven't been working for some reason... Still troubleshooting with @lpakula but haven't figured it out yet.

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Just pushed a release to address this. Fully missed that if you were using the device prefix, this didn't work. You should be all good now! :+1:


@lpakula Thanks for the work on this app. I have been using it for a few weeks and have been happy with it as a replacement for Life360.

I am struggling to get my iOS device to display the regions set up in the app on my Hubitat device. Android devices seem to receive region updates consistently after changing things. iOS devices have not been displaying any regions since I installed it.

Any tips on how to get iOS to to display the regions?

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Notifications are working again, tested today and got my departed and arrived. :smiley: :+1: