[RELEASE] Other Hub SmartThings Integration 2.0

Search the devices screen for ZZ-Device04

That one appears to be associated to a different switch that is functioning correctly

OOH I just added a couple new devices to OH and the hot tub sensor came through. Not sure what the deal was but it's there now. Sweet!

Search the devices screen in ST for "ZZ-Device" followed by the device network id shown for that device in Hubitat.

So it came through as a motion sensor, which it's not. Doesn't look like there's a temp sensor DTH, if I choose contact will temp come through as well?

Yes, I built temp into the other hub contact sensor handler.

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Perfect, it's good to go. Thanks for the help, and the great app :slight_smile:

Changes in Other Hub 2.1

  • Added support for Pushable Button to Other Hub Event Pusher Hubitat App

  • Added support for Button to Other Hub Device Viewer SmartThings SmartApp.

  • Added New SmartThings DTH for Other Hub Button (limited implementation that only supports push)

  • Added New SmartThings DTH for Other Hub Alexa Trigger

Alexa Trigger (Hubitat to SmartThings)

There are already other solutions that are probably better than mine, but I didn't want to clutter my Things screen with a bunch of devices that are only being used to trigger alexa voice alerts so this is the solution I came up with.

  1. Create virtual button in Hubitat.

  2. Select that button in Other Hub Event Pusher app and make sure that pushed is selected in the real-time integration section.

  3. After the device is created in SmartThings, open it in the IDE and change the Type to "Other Hub Alexa Trigger".

  4. Open the device in the SmartThings Classic app and specify how many Alexa Trigger Motion Sensors you want to create. After tapping done it will create the child devices. The motion sensors won't appear in the Things tab, but you'll still be able to select them from device lists.

  5. Grant the Alexa app access to those motion sensors and create routines that use them as triggers.

  6. Once that's setup you can push a button on the Hubitat virtual device and the motion sensor matching that button number will report motion active. A couple seconds later it will revert back to inactive.

Alexa Trigger (SmartThings Only)

The "Other Hub Alexa Trigger" DTH also works as a standalone switch level in SmartThings. If you set the level to 1 it will activate Motion Sensor 1, if you set the level to 10 it will activate motion sensor 10, etc.


Hi Kevin

May also want to update the readme in GitHub. Also, my deepest thanks for this app. My (ongoing) ST migration would not have been possible without it.



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Was working great and then it stopped. I see this error in the logs:

2018-10-21 14:20:55.184 error java.util.NoSuchElementException: Cannot access last() element from an empty List on line 309 (updated)

I just released a new version that should fix that error.

That being said, I don't recommend using the the Alexa DTH I added to Other Hub a few days ago because the Alexa TTS Manager app works great and doesn't require SmartThings.

Just getting started with HE, I added 4 Xiaomi leak sensors to OH but only the first one got assigned the correct DH when it pushed over to ST. The other 3 came in with DH OH Other Device or something like that.

I edited the devices to use the right handler, just curious if I should have selected them one at a time.

The auto device selection is a little finicky and I haven't had time to look into it so for the time being, any time you add a device you should check to see which handler it was assigned in ST and change it if needed.


That worked! Thanks!

I'm trying to get some virtual buttons to show up over on ST and having some difficulties. I updated the code, here and on ST and added the new driver too. I'm seeing this is in the ST live log and no new devices are being created for the buttons.
Living Room - Fireplace Flame - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

Any ideas? Thanks

After the device is created in SmartThings, open it in the IDE and change the type field to "Other Hub Button".

That's the problem... It's not creating any devices. I just see the debug "Missing Data" in the live logging, so they are being sent by HE but not correctly received.

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Ch - NBC - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Ch - Food Network - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Ch - Animal Planet - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Ch - A & E - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Ch - ABC - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

7:21:09 PM: debug IR - Cable Box - Enter - Missing Data(attributes: [pushed:1], capabilities: )

I see the issue and will post a new version shortly...

I just posted a new version. I think I fixed the problem, but considering I wasn't able to reproduce it I can't be sure so please let me know either way.

I updated both hubs and the button code. Devices are now created in ST! They were correctly added as buttons too.


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