[Release] Optoma UHD51A Projector Driver

Hi, here is a telnet driver for the Optoma UHD51A. It supports:

  • Setting/reading on/off
  • Setting/reading input source
  • Reading lamp hours


  • Projector is connected to the network
  • Projector is in "Full Power Active" mode (goes into standby instead of off)
  • Projector has telnet integration turned on

Instructions for installation:

  • Create a new device driver with the code below
  • Create a new virtual device with the new driver
  • Provide the IP address of the projector in the settings of the device after save

Let me know how it goes. It's very possible this works for other Optoma projectors that are the same generation as the UHD51A. Please let me know if you try this with any other models.


I just found this driver yesterday and have installed it without a hitch. Works pretty well. On works fine, as does current status of the projector. The only challenge I'm facing is my projector requires a "double-off" command to successfully standby the device. Are you seeing the same behavior or is it a configuration issue on my end?

I don't have to hit off twice. It just takes a really long time after the first time because of the fan sequence that my project goes through. Are you sure you are waiting long enough.

If you turn on the logging in the driver (all of it) and you hit off once what shows up in the logs?

Do you still have this driver? It's not published anymore, but I'd like it to use or help me understand how to build my own. I just want to monitor whether my projector is off or on.

Unfortunately no, I integrated my projector directly into Home Assistant via PJLink, not Hubitat. Can you describe for me your platform and perhaps I can assist more?

Honestly I was hoping it would just plug-and-play with my UHD60, but I wouldn't want to bother the developer for help - assuming that's why he's not keen on sharing his work any longer. If Hubitat knew the power state of the projector, it could trigger a device whenever whenever the projector turned off (that device in my case would be a Harmony 'switch' that resets my receiver's input selection to bluetooth).

Sorry. I'll try to keep looking for the code. It's a shame that the owner took it down. You can release code "as is" and no longer support it. That's why GitHub allows for archiving repositories.

Honestly, I wish Hubitat had support for PJLink. It would really solve this problem for a SLEW of projectors. If I still had the need - I might tackle it. Unfortunately for you, I solved my problem elsewhere.

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