[RELEASE] myenergi Integration

App and driver developed for the myenergi solar related products (hub, charger, solar diverter). At the moment the only driver in existence is the eddi. The others are on my TODO list but until I actually own the devices it is unlikely I will get the incentive to create them.

Also on my TODO is the creation of a manifest for the Hubitat Package Manager

This is my first app/driver combo from scratch so all feedback very welcome. In particluar, I know that the way I have manipulated some of the maps embedded in lists that come back from the JSON responses could be done better. If you fancy having a go at making the code a bit more efficient I would love to gain some knowledge in this area.

Code is at Velowulf - myenergi integration


Not something I use, but always good to see others branching out and writing their own stuff, nice work. Happy to help if you have any questions.


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