[RELEASE] Meater+ Driver

Driver for the Meater+ temperature probes for smart grilling/smoking.

Example Use Cases:

  • Expand notifications. For example, use your smart home speakers to announce when the pit temp drops or when the meat is done.
  • Trigger Smart Home Scene Based on Grilling/Smoking Status Trigger a certain scene when you start or stop grilling or smoking. Or when the grilling/smoking session reaches a certain setpoiint.
  • Dashboard display: Display cook progress on your dashboard, e.g., for easy visibility to others in the house. For example, this will keep your spouse apprised of the cook's progress, for coordination of the meal.
  • Control based on presence: If you have remote control of your cooker/grill, adjust cooker setpoints automatically based on whether or not you are home.

Supported Models

  • Meater Block
    Driver is cloud-based, so any model that communicates with the Meater cloud will work.

Install Instructions

  1. Install driver either manually or via Hubitat Package Manager (tag "Temperature & Humidity")
  2. Add virtual device of type "Meater Parent Device"
  3. Fill in the email field and the password field in the Preferences section of the Meater Parent Device
  4. Click Save Preferences

A child device will be created under the parent device for each Meater probe that you have on your account. A child device will be "on" if the corresponding Meater probe is online, and "off" if the probe is offline. The parent device will be "on" if any child device is on.



Works Great, Thanks.

Priceless! I have been looking at getting one but they are sold out since Xmas.
Never thought of integrating with HE. Bonus

EDIT: Do you have to have the top WiFi model? I assume so since HE doesn't do BT like the Meater +

I have this model, it works great. This model communicates with the meater cloud and I imagine that is what the driver above communicates with.
Screenshot from 2022-01-21 19-01-23

Screenshot from 2022-01-21 18-59-33

Yes, this is correct.

Good to know. My son has the 4 block but it's crazy money and I'll never have 4 different items on the BBQ. Sadly the single is almost half the price of the big guy.

Are you still supporting this? Would you add it to HPM. I started integrating it last night and noticed the directions don't really match up anymore.

Yes, and yes. Just may not find time to do it for a week or two.

Sounds good to me

It's been a while since I used my Hubitat for anything more than lock control. I've started getting back into it but came across this post and figured it'd be nice to have the Meater Block added. I've added the drivers, logged into my account and confirm it shows the additional devices. However, my question is regarding a dashboard. I've created a dashboard specifically for the Meater devices but for the life of me in looking at the templates don't see much other than temp that would be useful. I'm sure I'm missing something, having been away from this sort of thing for a while and thought I'd ask, what is everyone doing on their dashboard?

I'm in the same boat. I added everything just like you, and then realized that to be honest there's not much use for it. The app itself has everything you need. Maybe I'm also missing something. Maybe others have examples of uses that would get the creative juices flowing.

I just came to realize the Meater block is entirely useless. I understand the probes having weak antennas but the Meater block cannot pick up wifi through the house wall/door. Its just too expensive of a device to have such poor performance. Shame on meater for spending money on a stupid chunky wood block and put the worst possible antenna they could find. Back to Amazon it goes.

Haven’t used the block. The MEATER plus works great for me. Wi-Fi hasn’t been an issue

How are you getting those probes onto wifi?

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The block seems to work great for me, the only issue is that I have to have the block on the oven door. If I don't then it won't pick up the probe.

I got a Meater Block for my birthday. I've added the Meater Container Device and the Meater Probe device code, created a virtual Meater Container Device and saved my username and password in the preferences, but no child devices were created. What am I doing wrong?

Anything in the log when you press save?

Power up your probes. Pull them out of the block. I might have started a cook too…

Sorry, I forgot to check the log. I had a typo in my cloud credentials. Fixed the typo and the probes created. Thanks!