[Release] Logitech Harmony Hub Driver v0.1.20230311

Using the Parent Logitech Harmony Hub device, not one of the Activity Child Devices, you will see it has a "Switch" attribute. This 'switch' represents whether or not any of the Activities are currently 'on' or 'off'.

Example, all Activities are OFF

Example, my "Watch Apple TV" activity is On.

So, you should be able to simply use the Parent's Switch attribute to know if the Harmony Hub has any of your Activities currently On.

Does this answer your question? I do not really understand what you mean by "TV Power Off" switch in your post above... :thinking:

Edit: Now I think I know what you're referring to... The "Power Off" child activity device, as circled below...


Yes, that child device should always display the opposite state of the Parent Harmony Hub device's 'switch' attribute. So, this should help to make things much more clear (I hope!)


Yes, that was exactly my question! And that did help a lot! Thanks so much.

I thought the home control part of this integration was dead but seems like it might not be. I too however see the the same unhandled data messages. @Bloodtick_Jones did you ever figure out how to register the button presses again?

And i figured it out..... All works great now.

I had been configuring a backup harmony companion's buttions by accident in the app. at no point before was i configuring the harmony elite. Once i figured that out everything started working again.


I am getting this warn in my logs now. Just got the c8 pro up and running.
method webSocketStatus of device [Harmony Remote] Bedoom ran for 225,395ms

So I have the harmony hub driver installed and working, but when I press pause on the remote it pauses what I am watching, but I do not see anything in the logs showing I pressed pause. Does the driver not show commands that are pressed on the remote?

Is there a way to see commands when pressed on the remote?

No, there is no way for Hubitat to see Harmony remote control button presses.

I upgraded yesterday to the newest version of this driver. I upgraded because I was having problems with one of my harmony hubs working to turn on the activity through the dashboard but then when I tried to turn it off tit would not turn off and the button would stay stuck on sending. Then coming back to check it after a dash refresh it would now say it was still on (which it was)

After the upgrade that hub is still behaving the same and also now my other hub is doing similar with the exception that it does turn off the device but even though it is off the dash still says sending then shows it turned back on (it is off)

Both error logs are giving:

dev:2262024-07-08 12:59:47.245 PMerrorReceived errorString = 'RF link lost' and errorCode = '503' from Harmony Hub
dev:2262024-07-08 10:38:28.075 AMerrorReceived errorString = 'RF link lost' and errorCode = '503' from Harmony Hub
dev:2262024-07-07 03:17:57.761 PMtraceCreated child device with network id: 226-PowerOff

Both hubs are set up with DHCP to be on the same IP and I only have one router. I am using a dash tile with the device I want to control and the switch as I always have.


I did upgrade from my old install but deleted the old child devices so there is only one of each. And it only seems to affect power off activites power on works fine.

Any ideas?

Two Harmony hubs on one IP number!! Your router should have warned you not to do that. How would Hubitat know which one to talk too?

Sorry not the same IP not what I meant. same subnet.

A quick scan of the driver source code doesn't have this message which suggests that it is from the harmony hub. Is it telling you that the Harmony remote has gone missing or bad. Both Hubs/Remotes? - That may be a clue. Some Harmony hubs had remote blasters if I remember.

Are you mapping those [Hue] Home control buttons?

FWIW my driver version is "v0.2.20221231" and hasn't been updated for years.

I'm not mapping the home control buttons. And I installed v0.2.20230311. The newest version I saw on the download site. Should I downgrade?

I do not believe there is any reason to downgrade, as the changes were very minor and would not explain the issue you are seeing

 *    2022-12-30  Dan Ogorchock  BREAKING CHANGE: Modified to use Hubitat built-in "Generic Component" child drivers, for HomeKit compatibility.  BREAKING CHANGE!
 *    2022-12-31  Dan Ogorchock  Very minor tweak to prevent running the PowerAoff activity if everything is already off.
 *    2023-03-11  Dan Ogorchock  Added missing manual push() and hold() command routines, to allow testing of button events from the parent device page.

The big change came with the 2022-12-30 release. That was a breaking change, as the child device drivers were changed from custom to Hubitat's built-in child drivers.

The subsequent changes since then were very minor.