[RELEASE] Linptech/Moes 24Ghz Presence Sensor ES1 ( TS0225 _TZ3218_awarhusb ) drivers

Pretty much where I am now as well w/my sensor. :slight_smile:

And same here - zero in logs, and no response to any commands from Device page.

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Well, score one for Amazon availability of this sensor. I like it ok. I like some of the other 5.8 ones better for the features.

I'm integrating a Qolsys security panel and it turns out they have a battery powered PIR/24ghz sensor. Over $100, but it has good range and works with pets.

Totally different animal than Zigbee and with a lot of added stuff to make it work, but I thought you guys would find it interesting to see what it looks like. If I had to guess it can be battery powered because it uses the PIR to turn on the MMwave.



Interesting, I don't keep up w/these types of commercial-oriented devices, but the dual sensing design does seem pretty cool and is an interesting approach.

When you say commercial do you mean not DIY ? This device is both residential and commercial (like businesses). It's just specifically for security systems. So it has anti tamper and anti masking plus it uses the PowerG radio etc. 4x the cost and less DIY. Since I've dipped into the Qolsys panel ecosystem I'm seeing some opportunity to put some eggs in that basket and then integrate the panel to Hubitat. No idea yet if I can get small movement support yet, but battery powered is a huge win.

Kind of both, not DIY and at a price-point and features like front and back tamper detection that make it feel more commercial than residential. I've never had or looked into security systems so not very familiar w/that market. I did like the wording in their description, "...harsh residential..." :slight_smile:

  • Ideal for commercial and harsh residential installations

It's above my budget price-point, certainly. :slight_smile:

Well when you think about it, for a security system (residential or commercial) you need to ensure that motion alerts can't be disabled by the perp. This is especially true when they are battery powered. Hard wired sensors know when you have tampered with the device or wire. If you bat the thing off the wall the alarm goes off. Certainly not the same as simply turning on a light when you walk in the door. However, I am hoping that I can integrate some of these sensors with HE and use the motion events for non critical uses.

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Linptech on sale for less than $20

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Well crap. I really don't need any more, but that's like putting the One Ring on sale in front of Gollum. :wink:

Restricted myself to ordering one for $15.91 shipped. Thanks for the tip, @TArman.

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I didn’t see them quite that cheap! Just be sure you got the Zigbee version not the Wi-Fi one.
Edit: switching to a private browser got me the $15 price. dam those cookies!

As far as I could tell it's Zigbee.

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I apologize if this was already answered, I tried searching the thread and didn't see anything. Is there a way to get the "occupied" attribute to register? I only get Existence time (As far as the occupancy sensor). I've been getting by using "If Existance_time =/= 0" in my automations.

This is for anyone with weird-acting ES1 sensors.

How does it work for the latest 4 in 1 driver alpha? I've been using the alpha drivers without any problems. The most recent ver. 1.6.7 2023-11-09 with firmware 1.0.5 on both my ES1s. I have 2 other sensors to compare it to. My FP1 and my diy HLK-LD1155H-24G (LD1125H 24GHz) are all looking at the same location at the same time. They all three agree to present/not present both watching live and in the logs. I have not watched the LED though. The cut-down driver and 4n1 version 1.4.0 would randomly report no movement and then refuse to detect any presence/movement from then on. I would have to mess with it to get working again. But it would go dead again later. I went back to the full alpha drivers (1.6.x) without a problem. My fade time is 10 seconds for all three mmWave sensors. They all detected my elderly father when he was asleep in the recliner chair and didn't turn off the lights thinking no one was there. The lights reliability turn off around 10 seconds after leaving my living room. The FP1 is sometimes slower at 15 to 20 seconds. I have it turned out lights when all agreed no one is present. I am planning on leaving the ES1 and FP1 together to back up each other just in case.

As for people with pets, they all see them unless I play around with the height, angle, and motion sensitivity of the sensors. I found motion 3-4, with static 5 helps my living room ES1 not see the dog
Sorry. Even then, all 3 will still on occasion detect the dog depending on what she is doing. For example, she will be bad and jump up to the headrest on my sofa to take a nap. I would find her sleeping with the lights on. Impressive that all 3 can detect a small (about 15lbs/33k) dog's static presence even with a low setting of 10 for fade time.

Sorry for the long rambling post.

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A couple of us have had a sensor stop reporting and require a reboot to work normally again. So possible you have a HW issue?

Mine detect pets as well (and I have dogs 14lbs and 9lbs)...not an issue for me, as they only sleep in one place during the day, and I don't use mmWave in that room. But others have reported similar. I think you'd need to experiment w/reducing sensitivity settings for static detection and see if you can find a sweet spot where humans are detected but your dogs aren't. That or put spikes on the sofa headrests... :wink:

I've noticed when I expose the attribute existance_time to display the elapsed time from when my Linptech sensor initialy starts detecting motion/occupancy, it displays as something like this: 5minutes without a space between the 'numeric value' and the word 'minutes'.

In other words 5minutes vs. 5 minutes.

@kkossev - Not trying to be a pest but is there a line in your awesome driver code that can be modified so this particular attribute can display correctly with a blank space placed between number & unit of measure?

Thank you for the feedback, Mark! That would be an easy fix in the next update.

I would like also to rename this attribute to "existanceTime" to match the style of all other attributes. This will be a breaking change however, whoever is using this in any RM rules will have to make changes in their rules.

Have you found a practical use of the existanceTime, other than monitoring it on the device web page and in the logs?

The Linptech is on sale at Amazon for $24.99... More than Ali, but delivery is fast for those who choose speed over savings. :+1::wink:

Linptech Human Presence Sensor ES1,Smart Motion Sensor with 24G mmWave.


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Wondering if I can mount one of these on my garage ceiling? How good is the coverage area ? I currently use 3 pir motion sensors to detect the presence and still have some dead spots when I have cars parked.

My use case includes tracking the amount of time spent in a given location by an elderly client as a way to gain additional insight & understanding as to whether they are becoming too sedentary (or too active). Ultimately I'd also like to figure out a way to somehow configure the Linptech to work as a simple fall detector much like the unique one available from Vayyar. Not sure it would work unless multiple regions could be configured much like an Aqara FP1 seems to allow ...

Never used any of these in that type of use case, so really no good idea if it would work well or not. My use has been monitoring people presence, not object presents like cars.

Thanks for your response. I didin't mean to monitor the presence of a car. What I am curious to know is the area coverage if the sensor is mounted on the ceiling at about 12' high.