[RELEASE] Iris SmartPlug Z-Wave Repeater (3210-L + others)


Nope.. Nothing further is required beyond updating the driver code.


Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

What does this mean?

Also, FWIW, I'm still seeing the same behavior as before on Interrogation, where the device page says assocGroup failed, but the logs show it as part of Lifeline. I'm not worried about it, but thought I'd mention it in case it means anything to you.


That is very weird. I have tried to replicate withotu any luck. How does the test communication function work for you?


Works fine



Wanted to say this driver is great! Thanks

I'm porting over from IRIS and have two of the smartplug/repeaters (IRIS Smart Plug model 3210-L). Had trouble factory resetting them to allow them to pair. The zigbee plug side would pair, but not the zwave. Went back into IRIS to see what they said:

Their procedure worked first time. Just unplug for 10 seconds, hold the button down while plugging back in and release the button as soon as the light comes on.


Steve, This is amazing. Thank you so much. The driver is awesome. It's fantastic to know my repeaters are working.
My test comm works perfect

Current States

  • lastMsgRcvd : 2019-03-14 22:21:23: ASSOCIATION GROUP REPORT V2
  • status : online
  • lastTest : Interrogation complete!
  • powerLevel : NOMINAL
  • deviceVersion : 1.2
  • assocGroup : Lifeline (#1) with hub.
  • deviceMSR : 0246-0001-0001