[RELEASE] Inovelli Device Drivers

Yes had to do the exact same. Well left the v3 in there just incase as well.

Hmm... that's interesting. My outdoor power bar (dual outlet) is working but the status isn't updating and sometimes now I suddenly have to click twice to get things to turn off. Would this be related I wonder?

I just installed an LZW31 Black Series (Gen 2) Dimmer, and used the driver from the GitHub link provided at the top of this thread. I also installed the most recent beta firmware 1.45. I'm not able ot see the buttons in the apps like the Built-In App - Button Controllers, or the User App - Dimmer Button Controller. However, I can see the dimmer in RM and Simple Automation Rules. When I go to Devices and select the dimmer, and click the Configure button it shows "numberOfButtons : 7" on the right under Current States, then when I click the Save Preferences button, it no longer shows " numberOfButtons : 7". I'm running the current HE version Any suggestions?

You need to choose button device when you are creating a rule in RM to get multiple buttons.

Nope, the dimmer doesn't show in RM's Button Device either.

Are you sure you have the Black Series dimmer? The firmware version 1.45 is the current firmware for the Red Series dimmer. I haven't seen FW updates on the Inovelli site for the Black Series.

From the Inovelli community site information page for the Black devices.

Red vs Black Series Differences. We get this question a lot and the main differences (other than price) are scene support, LED notifications, and energy monitoring.

It looks like the Black Series don't support button mapping

I'm 100% positive I've got the LZW31 Black Series Gen 2 dimmer, and the 1.45 firmware I installed was from this link: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/firmware-v1-45-beta-lzw31-dimmer-black-series-gen-2

But it appears that the Black Series don't support scenes. No buttons.

It does appear that way, but it doesn't explain why it show "numberOfButtons: 7 " when I click the Configure button?

I think that is a bug in their driver, possibly a copy/paste error as I assume the Black driver is a derivative of the Red driver where a line line this would appear. As you noted, you should see this attribute disappear at some point, I think on the next page reload (Hubitat doesn't persist un-declared attributes--not a guaranteed/defined behavior either way but something I've seen others note happens).

@ericm, looks like there's an accidental numberOfButtons: 7 event getting generated in the initialize() method in the Black DImmer driver for Hubitat: Hubitat/Drivers/inovelli-dimmer-lzw31.src/inovelli-dimmer-lzw31.groovy at master ยท InovelliUSA/Hubitat ยท GitHub (the switch driver is fine in case you're wondering...I looked there first and couldn't figure out why this would have been happening :slight_smile: )

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It is kindof funny that it is there in the first line of initialize for the LZW31, although it does not seem like a perfect copy/paste:
def initialize() {
sendEvent(name: "numberOfButtons", value: 7, displayed: true)

The closest one is the inovelli-switch-red-series-lzw30-sn.groovy:
def initialize() {
sendEvent(name: "numberOfButtons", value: 8, displayed: true)

My guess is that it's from an older version of the Red driver. They changed the total number of reported buttons when they added events for both real-world hold and release actions, which weren't both reported in earlier versions.

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@Obi2000 @wbevan @pstewart

I have updated the drivers for the 2-channel plugs to fix the multichannel command class problem. Also made some other improvements mentioned in the change log.


Thanks for this. Came here to ask about exactly that.

@ericm the Inovelli 4-in-1 Sensor driver is broken... last update did something to break the parameters and the pull down selections do not work.


input "parameter15", "enum",
    title: "Reverse Basic Set ON / OFF\nSend OFF to devices in association group 2 when motion is triggered and ON when motion stops\nDefault: No"

Note there is a 015 and a 15 parameter....

parameter015 : [name:"Reverse Basic Set ON / OFF",
    desciption: "Send OFF to devices in association group 2 when motion is triggered and ON when motion stops",
    range: ["1":"Yes", "0":"No"],
    default: 0,
    size: 1,
    type: "enum",
    value: null
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Thanks, I thought I had fixed that but didn't upload the file. It is fixed now.

@ericm not sure if it's related to the new C7 firmware, but i think something broke with the drivers for the switches. The config button is not triggering anything anymore and the drivers are no longer logging the button numbers in the driver's event tab. Checked with both LZW30-SN & LZW31-SN.

Have 3 of the NZW39 dimmer smart plugs and cannot get them to show up right in dashboards. I added image below of what they show up as with the dimmer slider working but actual switch is ? mark. I have the drivers from here installed for them and have tried every combination of things in settings to try and get them to show up. Any suggestions?

I think there are multiple threads that may be leading to the same issue where some Inovelli devices aren't functioning properly.

@ericm posted that they are looking into this.