[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

I’ve set my device to “warning” logging to avoid seeing frequent value changes in the logs. However, this isn’t ideal. The IKEA Zigbee implementation, usually reliable, falls short with this device, failing to accurately translate datapoints from the Sensirion SEN54 sensor.

Two potential solutions exist for this issue:

  1. Set a minimum reporting interval (e.g., 1 minute) to limit data reports.
  2. Establish a minimum reporting threshold (e.g., 5 units) to report only significant changes.

I prefer the second method, but due to the “Single precision” / Float (0x39) data type for PM25 and VOC, I couldn’t set the thresholds. As a workaround, I used the first method with a 10-second interval, which could be increased.

For temperature and humidity, the device is set to report immediate changes with a 1℃ / 1%RH threshold. However, the sensor values fluctuate rapidly (e.g., 25℃ -> 26℃ -> 25℃ -> 26℃ -> …). Should probably use the same workaround as for PM25 and VOC, but I abhor workaround :slight_smile:

This is an excellent driver. Thank you.
I was wondering if I could make a request, could you change (or add) healthStatus (online/offline) to Presence status? It appears Hubitat has functions that use that setting - for example, the presence template in the dashboard app or presence in the notification app (I use it to let me know when a switch drops from my network)

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@vlad.shev, presence status at specific area have persons, carrying a mobile phone or Samsung presence sensor or other mobile tag.

The device online or offline status to the hub is presented in many community drivers with the healthStatus attribute.

It will be a better approach if Hubitat add the healthStatus attribute to the HE inbuilt boards.


For dashboards you can use the "Attribute" template with the "healthStatus" attribute.

For the in-built "Notifications" app, you are right, there is no solution as of right now. I believe you can raise a feature request for the Hubitat team to add support for the "HealthCheck" capability. This is an official Hubitat capability and I believe that it makes sense to be supported in the "Notifications" app.

I totally agree with this.

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For sending notifications I can recommend the [RELEASE] Device Activity Check - Get notifications for “inactive” devices community app, it is used by many HE users.


I use Device Watchdog, Unfortunately, @bptworld is no longer active because an indication for offline/online in color such as on/off (status report) would be useful

This is the status report with color





Thank you!
(I am using the DW as well!) :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, @dandanache! I had all but given up on my Ikea devices after purchasing them two years back without adequate researching. As an aside, is there a driver you would recommend for the Gen 1 Symfonisk Knob? I believe the model number is E1744.

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Unfortunately I can't get my hands on one of those, as IKEA does not sell them anymore.

You can try this driver from @birdslikewires: ikea_symfonisk_sound_controller.groovy

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UPDATE, @bptworld is active again :slight_smile: and hey did some changes on Device Watchdog to make it more visible if any sensor with "health status" is offline :slight_smile: image

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I updated the Somrig driver today via HPM and now I'm seeing errors when pressing a dashboard tile assigned to "push" one of the buttons. The error does not occur when physically pressing the button or when activating the function via the device page. The error also occurs when the tile is assigned to "doubleTap", "hold", and "release".

Hi, I have a couple of Styrbar buttons which both suffer with the same issue. It takes several pairing attempts for the devices to only display one instance of a button press in the logs. I.e. one press can manifest as 2-4 presses in some instances. Some pairing attempts don't even work whatsoever.

However, after several failed pairing attempts and then having success. After a few days, the device seems to revert back to a single button press becoming several button presses as shown in the logs.

Any ideas folks, see my logs.


Are you looking for any specific information with the use of the IKEA White Spectrum Light or Color White Spectrum Light drivers?

Using the White Spectrum driver with the following E12 bulb:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 21
  • firmwareMT: 117C-4205-23087631
  • hwVersion: 01
  • manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
  • model: TRADFRI bulb E12 WS 450lm
  • softwareBuild: 2.3.087
  • type: LED1835C6NA

I have a GU10 Colour bulb I can test against once that driver is available.

Sorry about this, it's a bug I introduced in v4.0.0. Will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting!

I have a spare Styrbar that I can play with to see if I can reproduce this. Do you use the latest firmware version (2.4.5 - 117C-11CB-02040005) ?

I want to know if all the functions work well with no errors in the logs, and if there is some functionality missing. I also need the "Device Details" section (that you just posted) and the fingerprints to add to the drivers.

All 3 drivers are done, I am testing them for a while: Ikea_DIM-Light.groovy | Ikea_WS-Light.groovy | Ikea_CWS-Light.groovy. Note that I am still pushing changes to that git branch, so you might want to re-import them from time to time. Thank you!


Thanks for recommendation! The fact that they don't sell them anymore probably tells you how long back I got these devices :sweat_smile:

Edit: Not sure if it's an issue with the devices I have but these are chewing through my batteries. At this rate I'll have to get a new battery every other day, if not sooner.

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Hi, cheers for this. My firmware version is 117C-11CB-00010024 which seems to be an earlier version. I've hit the update firmware button but with no joy. How do I update to you're version above. Appreciated in advance

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You can find instructions for firmware upgrades in this post: [GUIDE] IKEA Firmware Updates.

Good luck!

Firmware upgrades, that usually take about 100 minutes for battery-powered devices, chew a lot of batteries, not sure this is the case. What devices are you talking about?

Oh, no, all the devices I'm running through your drivers are running perfectly, even though I'm using the crap two-and-a-half year old Ikea batteries they came with. I was referring to the Symfonisk Gen 1 remote during normal operation. It managed to take kill the included Ikea battery in about ten minutes and took a brand new Panasonic CR2032 from 100 to 47 in about 15 minutes of moderate usage.

Anyhow, I think it's a documented issue with the other driver made by @birdslikewires - from what I gather from the thread, he recommends running it through Z2M now. Guess I shall set that up after procrastinating for a couple of more years :sweat_smile: