[RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers

As far as I can interpret the log file I get one warn entry for each click. I pressed two different button this time

BTW same behavior when I send the push command from the HE app and not using the physical E1810. Makes that sense?

Hope that helps, thanks

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Please switch back to the IKEA driver then select "Debug - log everything" option from the Preferences section, then click the "Save Preferences" button.


Then, open the Live Logs, push some buttons (leave some delay between clicks) and post back the logs screenshot.

@dandanache I was able to figure it out. Good news, it wasn't your driver. The lamp was driving crazy. Don't know why. Sorry for all the trouble. Your driver works as expected.

I think I owe you a coffee.

Sorry again for all the trouble and thanks for your help

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Is was no trouble at all, I quite enjoy to solve a good mystery :slight_smile:

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Released version 3.8.0 with the following changes:


How to add the new driver using Hubitat Package Manager
  • First update the HPM package to version 3.8.0:

HPM -> Update -> Select "IKEA Zigbee drivers" -> Next

  • Then install the new driver:

HPM -> Modify -> Select "IKEA Zigbee drivers" -> Next -> Tick the new driver -> Next

Note: There is no need install this driver if you already use @kkossev's excellent VINDSTYRKA Air Quality Monitor driver. I am just a hoarder and like to collect things.

Have fun!


For some reason every time I update the drivers in HPM my E1812 goes back to 4 commands per button. It stopped doing it after a rejoin usually but always reverts after an update.

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I have already sent him to the account to check it out as it looks like we also provide all the cluster docs as well. I have already spoke to some of the team about HE got meetings with them this week as well to sort a box for myself ("testing :stuck_out_tongue: ") and our office (for training and customers).

This one?

I have the double currently and it joins but need to test it on my C8

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Sorry to hear that, Jason. On every update, the drivers automatically invoke the "Configure" command (once per update). Can you test that the "Configure" command messes up the clicks?

Also, when the 4 commands per push happen, can you please do the same steps with the "Knockturn Alley" driver to see the Bindings Table? Also please enable debugging and attach a screenshot of the Live Logs when you click different buttons (to see what events are sent by the driver).


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I have this one: Legrand Valena Life 752130, a bit cheaper than the one you linked.

I like that the LED is so small and it has a clean aspect, you wouldn't know it is a smart outlet. But the reset/pairing button... man, it was a struggle to get to; something snapped when I opened it, not sure I can put it back together :slight_smile:

It pairs fine but the power reporting was off. In the Z2M code I saw that it is possible to control the LED status via Zigbee.

Thanks, I will when I get home from work.

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Yes they should all be the same just different fronts.

Yes I agree it's a tiny button, once I figured it out though it was not too bad.

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Well pressing Configure didnt mess it up this time, but I tried pressing save preferences and it made it mess up. However it was sending 3 commands with each press this time instead of four. Here is the screenshot from the knockturn alley driver..

And its an E2002 Strybar NOT an E1812 as i said in my previous post.

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@dandanache , again thanks for your work on these drivers. I picked up a Rodret button for all of $8 CAD. Powered by a single AAA/rechargeable this may be my new favourite Zigbee button. Your driver works great with the device. Zero issues with pairing and setup.

I'll likely pick up a few more of these as the wife approval factor goes up a lot with manual control over the automated lights.

I set it up as below using the button app:

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That's the older model. Have a look at Somrig, looks the same but has double-tap, same price too.

The UK got stock this week, picked up a Vallhorn and Somrig, Parasoll stock lasted 1 day so missed out on that one! @dandanache I'm assuming as Somrig has 'release' then it doesn't work in the same way as the Symfonisk (E2123) volume buttons, is that correct?


Installed IKEA Vindstyrka today and it´s working perfectly with @dandanache ´s driver. Now I just need to find another way for Vindstyrka to display better in the Dashboard... Currently using Attribute but would like to implement a graph to display values over time. Something like this [RELEASE] IKEA Zigbee drivers - #273 by scoob8000 perhaps. Any ideas or tips?

I did some digging on your problem and found this issue on zigbee2mqtt repo. Looks like your STYRBAR is not using the latest firmware version (2.4.5):


Seems like I need to add some ifs in the code and skip doing the bindings for older versions (heads up: I won't do that :slight_smile: ). This is what the folks at Z2M are doing:

If this is the case, my advice would be to update the firmware on your STYRBAR.

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Ok thanks I thought I did update but maybe there has been a newer one since then

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Indeed SOMRIG is better because it supports double-push and also because you can add custom printed stickers to it.

These are really cool. I LOVE their form factor, I as able to install one on each door (plus 2 on my fridge doors) without the need to build custom brackets.

Some photos

Note: make sure you mount them right from the first try, the sticky tape (from tesa not 3M) is really sticky and makes it impossible to remove it, even if you don't put too much pressure on it.

I've seen folks here are using InfluxDB and Grafana, but this requires another piece of hardware (Raspberry Pi, NAS, microPC, etc). I also miss this.

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These are currently on clearance at IKEA Richmond BC for $1.99
Bought two so far, work great for a simple on/off, though they will do hold and release as well.


SOMRIG is behaving nicely: push, double-tap, hold and release.

With the latest firmware update, they also do double-tap. They were "replaced" by SOMRIG that use AAA batteries and has 2 buttons.