[RELEASE] Hyundai Bluelink Remote Start/Lock Support (Beta)

I just got my first Hyundai vehicle and had a chance to explore the functionality that Hyundai Bluelink has for doing things like remotely starting the vehicle. This Application/Driver exposes that Bluelink functionality to Hubitat Elevation. See the README.md file for details.


Supports remotely locking, unlocking, starting the engine, stopping the engine, getting vehicle status, and reporting the vehicle's location.

How to Get It:

Github Project: https://github.com/tyuhl/Hyundai-Bluelink

RAW Code for the application: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tyuhl/Hyundai-Bluelink/main/BluelinkApp.groovy
RAW Code for the driver: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tyuhl/Hyundai-Bluelink/main/BluelinkDriver.groovy


  1. Create a new driver in the "Drivers Code" section and paste in the driver code from the driver RAW Code link. Save the new driver.
  2. Create a new user application in the "Apps Code" section and paste in the application code from the application RAW link. Save the new app.
  3. Go to the Apps section and create a new instance of the Bluelink App by clicking on the "Add User App" button.
  4. Follow the instructions in the App to enter your Bluelink account information and discover vehicles registered to your account. Drivers will be automatically created for each vehicle in your account


  1. This App/Driver has only been tested with my Hyundai vehicle, so there are likely still some bugs.
  2. I have done some automation testing with webCoRE, but nothing with Rule Machine.

Please report any problems, questions, or bugs to me.


When I send a command from the Hubitat, it works, but doesn’t seem to log an event. Would it be possible to log those?

@NeighborGeek Adding more events isn't difficult, but I'd like to understand what your use case is. There are already events reported in the driver when some of the attributes change. Also, you can turn up the logging level to get more detail. What are you looking for?

When I tap a button on the device page that sends some action to the car, an event should be logged that it’s sending the request. Or the confirmation that the request was processed, or both.

I’m just getting back from vacation, so I have yet to try any automated actions, but I would also expect any actions triggered automatically to log an event.

Okay, I'll add events for each command this weekend.

Download the Hubitat app