[RELEASE] HubiThings Replica

Beyond turning it off, probably not. I never used the app much anyway.

To get on/off status notifications that are timely and accurate (I found that my TV is neither with local control, but both with cloud control) and be able to turn it off from Hubitat. It's not high on my list of critical automations, so I'm willing to have it fail if the cloud or internet is down if it means it will work better when everything is working properly (the vast majority of the time). It's also why the Replica Switch driver serves my purposes well enough.

No, and I have no plans to.

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Update to the Samsung TV Driver.
Fixed logic error not caught in developer test
Expanded options for power-on default display settings (ambient, frame_art, HDMI, TV, etc)

Update instructions:

Install driver
Select the command CONFIGURE

Location: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DaveGut/HubitatActive/master/HubiThingsReplica%20Drivers/Replica_Samsung_TV.groovy

I would like to know more about the replica smartthings hub device… I saw the option that HE hub can match the st hub mode or the st hub can match he hub mode… but what ist it? Mode name will match? Or the active mode will match? And if so how it recognize the good mode to match?


You should have similar modes on ST and HE. It does allow you to create and/or delete modes on ST from the DH.

You can then select HE->ST and/or ST->HE mode matching individually. If there is a mode name not matching, it would just ignore.

Maybe a grumpy answer, but please try it before asking questions. Not sure why a blind question to waste others time when you can use your time to figure it out. You are not paying anything ... and my time is valuable too. Just saying.


Thanks but I was not sure how to test since I was not sure if it was for creating mode or setting mode and I use a lot webcore and I have not transferred everything yet… so That s why I ask before to do it, my setup is pretty complicated with a lot of web request and online virtual things.. etc so I worry about results…

Sorry to make you lost your time by posting a question!

replica Samsung Soundbar Driver now available.

Early beta. Tested on my limited function multiroom soundbar.

ANY PROBLEMS OR ISSUES on driver functions, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me.

URI: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DaveGut/HubitatActive/master/HubiThingsReplica%20Drivers/Replica_Samsung_Soundbar.groovy

  • Notes
    • If your SmartThings phone interface has the function "Go To Multiroom App", then this driver is very limited in functions. Another driver is available at [Release] Samsung Multiroom WiFi Audio.
    • NOT TESTED: Audio Notification and Input Source function. My Multiroom soundbar does not support these through SmartThings.
    • Example audio test url's are in the comments at the top of the driver.


Release Code 1.3.00 posted.

  • Update to Replica to support @djgutheinz super awesome drivers for Samsung TVs, and Samung Soundbars
  • Update to Replica to support refresh() API to SmartThings
  • Replica allows duplicate attributes from ST devices for rules configuration
  • OAuth uses modals for authorization with single click installation
  • Additional commentary to aid new users
  • Replica DH support for disabling of info logging

How to update:
Load HubiThings Replica first:

Load HubiThings OAuth next:

@djgutheinz Replica Device Handler Repo:
Location: https://github.com/DaveGut/HubitatActive/tree/master/HubiThingsReplica%20Drivers

This is consider a formal release and we are now actively moving to support HPM installs going forward. Notification will be posted when available.

Update 2023/01/29: Release 1.3.02. Change log here.


I would like to make a device from HE to ST that is not on ST. Is this possible too?

Device> HE> ST> V-device

My SmartThings HubConnect Connection is officially offline.

Thanks again for HubiThings


Is it possible to have RGB light bulbs virtual driver and ST Presence Sensor Virtual driver ? I am using Sylvania RGB light that works better with ST Hub.

I deleted it entirely yesterday.

There is a replica generic Color Bulb driver. Check the repositories at the top of the thread.

Im grtting the following app error after setup of the Samsung TV device.
HubiThings Replica asyncHttpPostCallback setSmartDeviceCommand status:422 reason:Unprocessable Entity

Any ideas?

Dave, This may well be outside the scope of your RGB driver; if so, just ignore me. :slight_smile:

I'm using it with an Osram GardenSpot string and most functions work. Not working are: Set Color, Set Color Temperature.

Any chance you could tweak it to support these? Thanks for your time.

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It is possible for less complex devices, you just need to build the rules yourself. See disscussion here:

@CAL.hub . If you have the device in the HubiThings Replica already, go down to the"Device Details" section. In the "data" section there is a lot of data. I need a copy of the data element "description". Private Message this to me as TEXT (not a screen capture). Then I can see what any tweaking potential.

The section will look something like the below image:

Thanks for this great integration. I've just started my migration from ST to HE after ignoring the need for months!

So far I've got my Samsung TV and Soundbar working well (thanks to @djgutheinz )

I have also got an IKEA Zigbee button which only connects to ST's hub as IKEA do some proprietary Zigbee group stuff that Hubitat don't seem keen to support.
Problem is I am getting duplicate presses come through to HE via this integration.

On the ST side at all logging levels I can find it's definitely only showing one 'Pressed' event (and I've never had this issue before when ST was in charge of all my automations).
However as you can see here, I get 2 events a few milliseconds apart for 1 press.
[app:11] 2023-01-15 14:22:55.918[info]HubiThings Replica received 'IKEA Remote Control - Middle' event ○ trigger:button:pushed ➢ command:setPushedValue ● delay:32ms
[app:11] 2023-01-15 14:22:55.878[info]HubiThings Replica received 'IKEA Remote Control - Middle' event ○ trigger:button:pushed ➢ command:setPushedValue ● delay:25ms

It consistently does this every time.

The result is where I've set it to Toggle an outlet on/off, most of the time 1 press results in a very brief on/off due to the duplicates.

I did look to see if there was any way I could write an automate to ignore further presses within 1 seconds as a quick workaround, but obviously the proper solution is to stop the dups!

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

BTW - I also have Samsungs 'Family Hub' fridge and a smart washing machine from them too. Wondering if someone wants to have a go at writing a replica driver for them?
The main thing would be to see the 'contact sensors' on the fridge to see if doors are open/close as well as monitor it's internal temps.
For the washing machine a simple monitor of if its running a cycle or not would be cool.
If I can provide anything to help LMK (I'm presuming there must be a way to get a list of attributes any devices offers?).

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Normally when I see that the driver is sending a button push and a button release… useful if you want to see if you have a button held condition, but otherwise just noise.

Yea I thought that too, but when I tested holding it down longer it's not the case. You get a specific 'Button Held' event rather than a button pushed event.
Of course if it sending push and release, the 'duplicate' event should be of type 'released'. I guess it would be a bug on the ST driver side then.

I've actually just worked it out but making a virtual switch which auto turns off after 500ms. The basic rule I made now turns that switch on but is restricted to not run if the switch is on. So as long as any dups turn up within 500ms it prevents the double toggle.

Thanks! I did figure this out. I needed a simple way to get status of a drive and control it. I only have two needs. On Android Auto function in ST and if any matter devices happens to fall into my hands. I was doing this HC and it works very well.

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