[RELEASE] Hubitat CSP Watchdog

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to share this app Hubitat WATCHDOG CSP that I've written and been using for a little while now.

This app monitors your hub (or a set of two hubs) and reboots them when they become too unresponsive. Find more details on my Github.

Let me know the issues you come across!

Nota Bene: "CSP" stands for the 3 methods used in this app: Cron, Switch and ip address PING


Any chance you could go a bit into detail on how your app works?
(e.g. What it does to monitor and determine unresponsiveness)

This app has been available for quite some time and you've literally named it the exact same thing?


Looking at the code, this is a completely different app and looks very useful. But I do agree, bad choice in naming. Will be confusing to a lot of people.


Sh*t I was not aware something similar had been written already... I guess I'll have to find another name for mine, which has features that this one doesn't seem to have
My apologies to @bptworld

Update: I have changed the name from "Hubitat Watchdog" to "Hubitat CSP Watchdog", CSP referring to the 3 methods it uses.


You should find this in the readme using my github link for now, thank you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE. I have updated the code in my repository to optimize it with the new "event queue full" error message of Hubitat's last firmware update (2.1.9). It is critical that you update your code if you're using this app and have updated your firmware. Especially if you use several hubs.

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