[RELEASE] Hub Watchdog - Simple way to monitor if your hub is slowing down or not

All I did was reselect the device the info is sent to.
Takes 30 secs.
I believe the driver was updated which probably caused this.

@bobbles Yea it was and I tried that but its not working.. redoing it, really is no big deal. I like to refresher and ability put what i've learned since I started using Watchdog into a new config. It's experience and fun. I know i'm weird lol.. But if it doesn't work out, I still have my backup lol.

getting a new error on every dashboard page display regardless if using the hub watchdog tile or n ot..
apparently it is pulling in all device attributes in case you add a tile (my assumption) .
Guess you need to truncate that attribute so we dont see error in hub log on eveyr page

NOT an error. Please search for '1024'. I'm not going into this again.


you could at least post the solution .. goto the apps dashboards and for ones finished that you are not changing uncheck "use all devices"

and check only the devices you need for that page.. A pain, but probalby better for hub performance anyway.

@bptworld as well as many others have talked and posted about this error at length, and a simple search for "Excluded attribute" or even "1024" will give you the answer. if you click on the magnify glass (search) at the top of the community forum page, you can type in the error and get the info. I would recommend doing this first on any error/issue you have as there is usually a good probability that it's already been discussed.

Just so you have it, here's a link to the feed about the 1024 error:

Hope this helps a little!!

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i did but it didnt say the solution so the warning doesnt come up on every dashboard page.. I have now set the specific devices so it only comes on on this page.. I (if it was me writting this app) would put an option in to trunctate those two attributes to 1024 as I personally like clean logs if possible.

Since the warning (not an error) message has come up many times over the past year and it seems it's too difficult to use the search feature to see what it really means. I've decided to cripple the app and only use 40 data points. This will end the discussion once and for all. I will NOT respond to any future discussion on the '1024' topic. Period.

This is not directed at any one person and has been an issue with the dashboards for over a year.

Thank you for your understanding.

New version on GitHub...

Changed number of data points to 40 per device. Many other changes.

  • Be sure to update all parts of the app.
  • Then be sure to go into each device and change the 'Unique Identifier' field as it has changed. Don't forget to hit 'Save'.
  • Also go into each child app, be sure your options are they way you want them and hit 'Done'

I've just recently started looking into Hub Watchdog and am looking forward to getting it configured properly.

Thank you for your work on this and sharing with all... Actually I really enjoy a few of your other apps that I already use which is what brought me here originally. There's still a few more of your apps that I'm looking forward to checking out because everything I have seen from has been stellar and very useful.

So, sorry this has been a bit frustrating on this particular topic but please know that all you have done and shared is greatly appreciated.

Actually, related to Hub Watchdog here, I recently realized I have some learning to do regarding virtual devices and how those are used properly. Always fun stuff to get to learn and I enjoy that. :+1: :keyboard: :gift:

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Oh. That's a shame. I did get the odd 1024 warning very occasionally but just ignored it as I was well aware of the cause and the fact that it has no impact.

Would it be at all possible to make this somehow configurable?
I would like more data points if possible but fully understand if you wish to leave as is.
Maybe give us an idea if there are lines in the code we could tweak and on our heads so be it.

I fully understand if you tell me to put this request where the sun doesn't shine. :slight_smile:

This app is a fantastic tool. However now I'm really pissed off that the hub is slowing down so often. Before I knew it was slow when the light didn't come on and I fell down the stairs, now I have the data, before I only had bruises.
The 2 test devices are physically line of sight, in the same room as the hub. They should never have released the C7, before fixing the slowdown issues with existing hubs.
09-03 11:50 - 0.722 Zwav
09-03 11:49 - 0.665 Zwav
09-03 11:48 - 0.754 Zwav
09-03 11:46 - 2.38 Zwav
09-02 23:27 - 0.957 - Zwav
09-02 23:26 - 0.718 - Zwav
09-02 23:25 - 0.758 - Zwav
09-02 23:24 - 0.755 - Zwav
09-02 22:39 - 10.295 - Zwav
09-02 22:28 - 12.387 - Zwav
09-02 22:26 - 0.717 - Zwav
09-02 22:25 - 0.782 - Zwav
09-02 22:24 - 1.532 - Zwav
09-02 21:39 - 0.807 - Zwav
09-02 21:25 - 0.862 - Zwav
09-02 21:24 - 1.075 - Zwav

So how to diagnose slow downs:

  • odds are these are running out of memory. In another thread there is a discussion on how to see the hub's memory status (if running current version of FW)
    [Wiki] Hidden Features

  • so what can you do about it?

    • assuming you are running current firmware (that has the most fixes for any memory leaks):
    • you can try to reduce apps and their use of memory
    • this might be reduce how frequently they run (and therefore how much they try to store in state / settings variables
    • weather apps have been notorious memory, events, and DB hogs
    • this might be uninstalling apps things, (which I know may be painful)

In general

  • the Hub has a fixed amount of memory (today's total is 1GB for OS, JVMs, etc)
    • I'm sure HE will offer us a hub with more memory one day
  • anyone can run it out by just keep installing more and more things
  • the database can be a big consumer of resources, so reducing the number of events it stores reduces the amount of memory it needs - this has been my first go-to to get more available memory.
  • app writers can try to be more memory and db friendly, but this another whole discussion on tricks for this
  • you can see 'some' of the memory an app uses by looking at settings, state, events for an app or driver. This is in the 'gear' icon next to the app or device (HE console -> apps, HE console -> devices)

So, ever since the update to Hub v2.2.3, my virtual device has been throwing occasional values that seem like they are the correct value + 5 s. For example my readings1 values are :
0.078, 0.099, 0.076, 0.136, 0.09, 0.133, 0.098, 0.111, 0.087, 0.104, 0.07, 0.095, 0.1, 0.111, 0.102, 0.106, 0.108, 0.107, 0.092, 0.082, 0.142, 5.171, 0.114, 0.1, 0.201, 0.082, 0.078, 0.067, 0.088, 0.09, 0.085, 0.109, 0.089, 0.11, 0.09, 0.112, 0.09, 0.084, 0.094, 0.085, 0.097, 0.112, 0.084, 0.108, 0.094, 0.116, 0.087, 0.085, 0.091, 0.153, 0.072, 5.171, 0.106, 0.104, 5.143, 0.112, 0.101, 0.069, 0.097, 0.122, 0.109, 0.103, 5.167, 0.091, 0.109, 0.1, 0.091, 0.092, 0.083, 0.12, 0.1, 0.099, 0.116, 0.095, 0.109, 0.101, 5.134, 0.14, 0.103, 0.219

The next point is a quick test to make sure it's actually slowing down, and that goes back to being about a tenth of a second.

I saw something in the code about waiting up to 5 s and then giving up (I looked a bit ago, maybe last week). I'm guessing that's happening for some reason, but I am not sure why.

Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anything I can do to fix that?

I haven't looked at logs yet, as I know it's set to re-test after a minute (I have max number of fails set to 3 before notifying me), so it doesn't really bother me. Just wondering if I should look into why that is happening on my hub, or if that's just normal behavior. A minute later, I'm back to about a tenth of a second, so no notification/action.

My hubs are having the same issue since 2.2.3 was installed. I believe others have also reported seeing this in other threads. I haven’t noticed any slowdowns with the hubs other than what watchdog reports so I haven’t actively troubleshot the issue myself.

Thanks, I wondered if it was a new feature...

I'm not worried about it either, so I'm just going to live with the spikes. I have a plot on my dashboard of the last 24 h of readings, and it shows the range and last reading. it's often off-scale with 5+ s for upper range, but I also haven't seen any slowdown issues, so I'm going to ignore it. I may get rid of the plot, anyway, so no big deal.

How do i set the warn and maxvalue in the driver.. the current driver seems to not allow me to enter a number and only sets them to the words..


You set both in the app.

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got ya it update eventually.. I went through the whole post.. but cannot find docs on what the reporting child is for.. thanks

lol, you got the wrong developer if you want docs. This is for fun, not a job. :wink:

Follow the prompts within the app and it'll all work out.

What's a 'reporting child'? If you mean the device, it's to hold the data for the Examiner child app.

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ya what is the hub watchdog examiner child app. i have not set one up..